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I had a best friend when I was younger. He was the absolute best. He was a great listener; only interjecting his point every so often. His name was Malum. We bonded instantly. I met him when I was at the park. It was after I got off the school bus. Lots of the kids from the bus would just go to the bus instead of straight home. We wouldn’t spend all night there or anything, just an hour or two, then head home. He was sitting on the see-saw by himself. So I joined him and we had a great time. I knew then that we were going to be the best of friends.

I invited him to my house and he came over. I was so excited to show him to my mother! When we got home she was sleeping on the couch. I tried to wake her up but she ignored me. So I walked off with my best friend. We played for hours. I assured him that my mom wouldn’t mind if he spent the night. I showed him to the room he could stay in and then I went bed. I was so excited to play with my best friend that I woke up early the next morning. I hopped out of bed and went to see Malum, or Mal as I affectionately called him. He looked kind of tired. That was alright though, because I don’t sleep well on the first night at a new place either.

We played some more. He was pretty chatty that morning. We talked for a while. I had to keep reminding Mal to not talk so loud because Mom hates getting woken up in the mornings. He was just as excited to play as I was. I guess we weren’t as quiet as I thought because I soon heard my mom.

“Kyle? What are you doing in the attic, sweetheart?” I heard my mom’s groggy voice come from down the steps. I got really excited then. Mom would finally meet my best friend!

“I’m playing with my best friend, Malum, Mommy.” I announced, grinning at my friend who began to hoot and hollar. I could tell how excited he was to be meeting my mom, and that only fueled my excitement.

“Friend? I don’t remember you bringing anyone over.” Her voice was getting closer as she walked up the steps into the attic.

“It’s cause you were sleeping when I brought him in!” I said rolling my eyes. I looked over at Mal and whispered, “Silly Mommy.” He wiggled his head a bit.

“Kyle!” My mother’s voice shouted, shock coloring her tone. Her face grew pale and her eyes wide.

“Mommy, this is Malum! He lets me call him Mal. But that’s my name for him. You have to call him Malum. Mal, this is my mom.” I introduced them, beaming at my mother. However, she wouldn’t look at me. She kept her eyes fixated on my new friend. He was quiet for a few seconds before he began shouting again. Gosh, he must’ve been real excited to meet her.

“Oh my god.” I heard mom whisper just before she ran towards us. She shoved me out of the way to get to my new friend. I was so confused, what was she doing? She began to untie the scarves that held the boy to the chair.

“Mom! What are you doing?! You’re ruining our game!” I shouted and tried to tug her away but she just brushed me off. She continued to untie the boy and soon took the scarf off from around his mouth. He instantly got louder and it got on my nerves. That’s why I covered his mouth in the first place. She grabbed him and began to leave the attic. I got upset then.

“Mom. Mom! What are you doing? Where are you taking him?! He’s my best friend!” I shouted, following after them. How could she? He was my friend. And she was taking him away from me! I followed them all the way to the kitchen where she picked up the phone. Soon after that, she was shouting at me and blue and red lights flooded the house.

I watched as my best friend got picked up by a lady that kind of looked like my mom. I was kind of upset that I didn’t get to meet his mother but I didn’t worry too much. I’d see him again soon and then I’d get to meet her. I’m still waiting but the days are counting down till the day I get to see my best friend again.

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