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I dumped the remainder of the toxic powder into the drink and watched it slowly dissolve into the liquid. 

I smiled to myself as I thought of how one of my biggest problems would soon be gone. I’d been kind enough to welcome her into my home when she had no other place to go. Instead of showing thanks, she’d betrayed me. 

Did she honestly think I’d let her take away the only man I ever loved? She honestly thought she could steal my husband? I didn’t want to believe he had feelings for her but now I’m certain. I’ve seen the way they look at each other…and after he promised me I was the only one he’d ever love. 

He walked into the room and smiled at me. “Is that for Allie?” he asked pointing at the drink. 

I nodded and reached it out towards him. “Awesome, thanks honey” he said kissing me on the forehead and taking it from my hands. 

I smiled and watched my husband take the bottle into the nursery and feed it to my infant daughter.

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