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Last summer I worked at a water park slash hotel slash golf course timeshare place. I was hired to draw caricatures in the hotel lobby which was kind of a cool job. It paid really well. I fairly liked it. People like having their picture drawn. I drew a lot of caricatures over the summer and I'll tell you what - You meet all kinds of people.

Here's the story. One slow day two ladies, fat, ugly, missing teeth and absolutely foul smelling walked by with like a ten year old boy and the two ladies were immediately excited about the idea of having their kid drawn. I think they were sisters. They seemed basically normal. Chatted with me, watched me do a drawing and waited for me to finish the one I was working on..

Anyway it came their turn and we started talking again. People would usually have me do a theme to their drawing like, oh, draw us as power rangers or whatever. I asked the kid what he wanted his picture to be about. He didn't say anything and his mother stooped down so he could whisper in her ear. She relayed to me that he wanted to be drawn as Godzilla. I was like oh okay wait do you want to be drawn like fighting Godzilla, riding on his back or what? He spoke to his mother again. No - he wanted to be Godzilla. Okay. Sure like whatever. So he sat down in my chair and I tried talking to him about what he liked, did he play sports - just random stuff I would talk to people about to keep them entertained while I drew. He didn't say anything which is fine like some kids are shy but this kid actually seemed kind of disturbed like there was a reason he couldn't talk or something. That I can't say for sure but these two ladies basically spoke for him and really enjoyed talking to me while they watched me draw. At one point the mother of the kid got really close to me and said she wanted to talk to me when I was done. I was like - um. Okay... Her breath reeked so badly.

I finished the drawing of the kid as Godzilla and he said thank you which surprised me and the two ladies laughed and looked over the picture and liked it a lot. The kid and one of the ladies left for the water park and the mother stayed behind to talk to me as she asked. She said something like 'okay now I'd like you to draw another picture but this one is sort of personal.'

A little concerned, I asked her to explain. She pulled out her phone and started scrolling through pictures. She got uncomfortably close to me, had a big smile on her face and said "ready?". I nodded, really weirded out and looked down at her phone to see a picture of a stillborn child that looked as if it had been dipped in blood.

"Beautiful isn't he?" the lady said, "I called him my little monkey. BECAUSE HE LOOKED LIKE A MONKEY!!!" And she laughed really really loudly.

I was speechless. I sort of slapped my hand to my forehead. It took me a while to respond but all I could think to say was, "All...children are beautiful." trying hard to mask how fucking shocked I was. The lady then said, "Well. I'd like you to draw him as a monkey." I didn't say anything. She scrolled to another picture on her phone. Another premature baby with tubes up its nose - and the woman said, "And this was my little seal. He lasted four hours. Doesn't he look like a little seal?" Of course she wanted him drawn as a seal. Holy shit. So bizarre. Her breath reeked of alcohol and smoke and just general odor and she was laughing in my face.

Without asking, the lady sent the pictures to my cell phone because my number was on the sign by the easel. I was so shocked that I could hardly put a sentence together. I said something to the effect of 'maybe' because I couldn't help but feel bad for her. She said "Great! We're here till Thursday!" And walked away.

I called off 'till Friday.

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