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From time to time I find myself killing some time on Chatroulette. It is not something I do because I extremely enjoy to, but because It's the only way I can find to socialize with people without leaving the comfort of my home. I have a roommate, a really cool guy, But unfortunately his mom is very sick, so he's visiting his family for the next couple months.

One day, after getting back home, I sat down on my bed and opened up my laptop so I could browse the web a little. Didn't take long until I was, once again, on Chatroulette trying to filter all those pervs so I could have a decent conversation with someone. That's when this girl appeared on my screen. She looked like she was crying, but she had her hand on her mouth, trying to keep herself from making any noise. I was about to skip her, I imagined I was about to be pranked and end up on some youtube video, but she started typing. -Please, please help

I asked her what was happening. She quickly replied that she needed me to call 911 for her, she had entered her house to find that someone had broken in. She slowly backed away and hid inside her closet. She tried calling 911 herself but her phone was dead, so she grabbed her laptop, which was in her backpack and the first page that opened was from Chatroulette and I was the person that she connected to. I didn't know what to do, I could be the victim of a prank, but what if this girl really needed my help? I decided to call 911, but before anything I asked her for her name and address. She said her Name was Linda, while she was typing her address I was already unlocking my phone so I could call 911, and then, she pressed enter. My eyes started watering. the address she had sent me was MY address.

I felt a chill running down my spine, I felt weak and accidentally dropped my phone. Words cannot describe what I felt when the sound of my phone smashing against the floor, came from the speakers of my laptop. I just stood there, looking at her. She was begging for me to call them. About 2 or 3 minutes later I decided I had to do something about this. I moved towards my closet, carrying my laptop on my hand. When I opened it, nothing was there, but the girl was still on the webcam, crying. I went to my roommate's room. I could hear my footsteps coming from the laptop. I decided this was it, I ran straight to it and opened it in one quick move. A scream came from inside the closet. I kept my eyes on the girl at all times, but when I opened the door a glare blocked the view and she disconnected. There was nothing inside the closet.

I ran out of there in the same instant.I ran as far as I could. I felt like there was something chasing me. I kept hearing that same scream on my head over and over, I was getting fatigued but I couldn't stop.... I wouldn't stop



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