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A Doctors Plan

It was a clean job. The doctor looked over his experiment, grinning to himself. He had a cigarette in his hand, and the many years of smoking had now begun to show their effect.

"The people at the academy said it couldn't be done, but I've done it."

What the doctor did was unimaginable - he took a living creature and mutated it into something grotesque. It looked similar to what a normal animal would look like, but something was off. For one, it didn't make normal sounds it made horrible screeching noises, unlike anything anyone has ever heard before. And it's genetic makeup was unlike anything ever seen before, to the point where the mutation caused the animal to be hostile to the original species it was based off of. It would kill just for the fun of it. It also showed other side effects, like harnessing certain elements to the point where it could manifest power from internally and cause damage.

The doctor looked on and said, "Within a few years, this creature, once released into the wild, will completely replace the original species." So with that, the doctor released his new creation into the wild. He said to the creature, as he exposed it to the new world, "Go, my creation, and show the world it's time for a change." The doctor went back to his workbench, for he had big plans in store. He was going to create a mutation for every animal on earth. And it was a big job.

Now, you are probably wondering who this doctor is, and what happened to his experiments. Well, that's easy, because if you look deep into your heart, you already know the answer. The original creature he decided to call Pikachu, and the doctor now goes by Professor Oak.

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