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True Fear

Pale white bodies, beady black eyes, humanoid figures with limbs that jut out at odd angles,and grotesque faces paired with sporadic actions and a psychotic flavor.

This is what we are scared of. The “oh-so-resilient and fearless” human race, scared of a few hairless, albino monkeys. That’s the only things that seems to scare us. Well that’s not true actually, these things are simply a drop in the ocean of things that scare us. In a general sense, we fear what we don’t know and sometimes what we do.

Are you going to die tomorrow? Even scarier if you know the answer if yes. In fact we’re all going to die tomorrow. In the most horrific way possible. I’ll leave how to your imagination, but I’ll leave you with one hint. Don’t fall asleep tonight, and hope that it’s those pale figures that kill you. Because compared to true fear, they are but a child’s toy.

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