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The Wreck

My eyes snap open. I’m upside down. It takes a minute for my vision to focus. I look around at my surroundings. I’m in a car. I close my eyes to concentrate, but I can’t remember what’s happening or how I crashed.

I hear a dripping sound. I open my eyes to see a dark liquid pooling on the ground. I touch my head with my left hand and feel the wet, warm sensation of blood.

I shake my head and take a deep breath. I reach up with my left hand and undo my seatbelt, causing me to fall. As soon as I drop, I instinctively brace my fall with my right arm.

A loud crunch echoes through the car and a sharp pain shoots through my arm. I scream and turn my body to get the pressure off of my arm. I use my left hand to open the car door and crawl out. I stagger to my feet and look down at my arm.

In the pale moonlight, I see the cause of my agony. Mu humorous is sticking of my arm. The bone glints off of the light from the moon. I close my eyes and sigh.

A shuffling in the bushes makes me open my eyes. I look around, but even with the moonlight, it’s too dark to see anything in the brush.

I decide to ignore the noise and think back. Slowly, I begin to piece together what happened.

I was driving down a back road. The sun was just starting to set. I looked down to check my phone and when I looked back up, there was someone standing in the road. It was a little girl. She was bloody and her clothes were ripped and stained with splotches of dried blood. I swerved to avoid hitting her and crashed.
A loud bang coming from my trunk makes me snap back to the present. I walk to the rear of the car. As I get closer to the trunk, the smell of oil fills my nose. I put my hand on the bumper and bang my left fist against it.

The sound of sirens makes my heart jump. I can see the flashing lights of emergence vehicles swiftly approaching my location. I reach into my pocket and pull out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter.

I light a cigarette and take a few drags.

The paramedics begin questioning me. I tell them what happened and I say I was probably just seeing things because I was tired. They tell me that they want to take a look at my arm. I agree, but not before flicking my cigarette towards the car. I start to walk past the police and to the ambulance.

I expect to hear the sound of the car exploding, but a different sound makes my stomach drop.

“HELP ME!!!”

One of the officers immediately draws his gun and aims at me while everyone rushes to the car. While his attention is focused on the car, I grit my teeth as I reach for the knife hidden behind my belt buckle. I grip the handle of the knife, but a surging pain shoots from my arm up to my shoulder.

The officer yells for me to put my hands up. I don’t have a choice but to comply.

It isn’t long before they free the girl from the confines of the trunk of the car. I watch in silent anger from the back of the squad car. I look out the opposite window and see her standing at the edge of the woods. The little girl who made me crash. It doesn’t take me long for me to finally recognize who she was.

Suzie Daniels. My first kill from all those years ago.

I lean back in the hard chair. I can’t help but to smile.

Lethal injection doesn’t sound that bad anyway.


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