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As a child did your parents ever tell you “here comes the tickle monster”?

Well they’re not lying, the only reason they’re telling you this is to warn you. They know what is coming and they know they can’t interfere with it. It goes like this, have you ever had a strange feeling like your sides are being tickled ever so lightly? There’s a reason for this. It’s the tickle monster trying to get your attention.

It starts off with small things such as that, but then it gets worse and worse. Most of the time it only happens to adults, but there are a few rare cases when it happens to children. The reason it happens to adults more often is because he knows. He knows you’re alone most of the time.

When he actually starts targeting you, you will know that he is there. For the first few days of him being around, it’s just subtle feelings of laughter. He tries to weaken you for when he really strikes to take you down.

For the next 2-4 days nothing will happen, but this is because he is saving his strength. After those few days it starts again and this is when it starts to get bad.

You are no longer able to sleep because of him. He haunts your every waking moment waiting until you give in. It is at this point that you can no longer take it, and lose all sanity that was left in you. You will notice that you start to become very weak and a sudden rush of sadness takes over.

This is it, this is where it all ends. He will now reveal himself, into which his sight shocks you into not moving.

No one ever knows where his victims go, all they can hope for is that he doesn’t come after you.

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