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It was referred to as the slow apocalypse.

Honestly, we didn’t expect the long term effects, at all. It was a new synthetic type of shatter proof glass that was very cheap to produce. The compound was touch sensitive so it was used in a wide array of items, such as phones, televisions, computers, and as bulletproof windows in homes, businesses, and industrial companies. It was added to plastics and rubbers to strengthen durability.

Symptoms didn’t show up until five years later. People just went to bed one night and stayed asleep. They laid in a comatose state while reactive to stimuli, which turned out to be horrible. The nerves responsible for pain did not go away as their organs cooked themselves. Followed by their skin weakening which resulted in rips and tears.

At this point they would start screaming in pain as hypersensitivity would ensue on their awakened bodies. Analgesia would not ease any of their suffering. People who had been anesthetized couldn’t metabolize the drugs being used and expired soon after.

People who hadn’t fallen asleep yet but knew they had made contact awaited their destiny in fear. My brother fell asleep last night and I can’t awaken him. Family members usually go together. I’ll try to stay awake. This is my goodbye.



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