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The power’s out. Again. We’ve had so many thunderstorms lately that this is happening almost once a week. The whole neighborhood would be plunged into darkness.

Normally, I wouldn’t be bothered. I’d go to bed in the dark and let the power company sort it out. They normally fixed things in a few hours.

But my wife and I had just welcomed our first child. The baby was already asleep, so she’d be fine, but my wife’s breast milk reserves in the fridge wouldn’t.

I gathered up the bottles from the fridge and made my way to garage where I kept a small mini fridge and a gas generator.

“Odd,” I thought to myself as my feet hit the cool concrete of the garage – I didn’t remember leaving the outside garage door open. No matter though; the dim light from outside would help me see as I moved about. I heard the baby cry again, but I could deal with that in a second.

I placed the bottles in fridge and switched on the generator. It was loud, but not much worse than the thunder outside. I headed back to the door to the inside, then paused. Outside, I could see the house across the street fully lit up. So was the one next to it.

“What the…?” I thought to myself. Then my eyes scanned the floor near the outside door. A set of muddy footprints lead right to the door I was about to go into. The door that lead inside.

The baby cried out again just as I heard the door lock click.

Credits to: tjo85


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