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The New House

    Alicia and Mike pulled up to the house and parked right in front of the for sale sign. The ad in the paper said it was a one story house with two bedrooms, one bath, and a full basement. A perfect home to start a family in, and very reasonably priced too. As they stepped out of their van, the realtor pulled up behind them in a beautiful shiny new blue corvette. He got out of his car and approached the couple.

    “Mr. and Mrs. Batalla, pleased to make your acquaintance.” he said as he smiled and shook both their hands. The realtor was a tall skinny man with slicked back blonde hair and large sunglasses on. He was wearing a black suit and tie. He looked very successful in his profession.

    “Likewise,” Mike said with his hand out. “My name is Mike and this is my wife Alicia.” She smiled and gave a little nod. She was a very shy individual.

    “Well, shall we get started with the tour then?” Danny suggested as he motioned toward the door. So the three of them strolled up the cobblestone walkway to the fancy white door and entered the house.

    “This is the living room, obviously. Very spacious as you can see. 54’ Flat screen T.V., leather made love seat, ceiling fan….. now there is an old coffee stain on the wall and carpet in that corner over there,“ he pointed over. "But with the house being so cheap I think it’s worth the investment to get some paint and new carpeting. And the rest of the house is flawless, i assure you.”

    “Ahaha,” Mike chuckled. “It doesnt seem too bad, and I do like the size of the room, let’s just check out the rest of the place.”

    Danny grinned, “Okay then, next room’s the kitchen.” They both followed Danny, but as they moved ahead Alicia couldn’t help but look back at the stain. It didn’t really look like coffee, and how do you spill coffee that high up on a wall anyway, she thought. It was weird, but never mind, accidents happen in weird ways sometimes.

    The kitchen was beautiful. It had marble counter tops and tile flooring with big sliding glass doors leading to a deck, and an expensive looking chandelier above the table. She also noticed a new looking microwave, a full set of steak knives, and a shiny double door refrigerator.

    “Is all this stuff included in the purchase?” Alicia questioned.

    “I was told the house is to be sold as is,” Danny replied. “I do have to inform you though, that the widower whose house this was did die here, but it was pretty much of natural causes, nothing too out of the ordinary for a 72 year old.”

    “What kind of natural causes?” Mike questioned.

    “He had a botched heart surgery, by someone who claimed to be a doctor named Kiril, and ended up bleeding internally. Apparently the doctor didn’t even have a medical licence. The victim knew Dr. Kiril personally and was promised cheap-at-home surgery. But the ex owner had many heart problems in the past, so it pretty much was natural since he wouldn’t have made it much longer without the attempted surgery anyway.”

    “Ehh what house hasn’t had some old fart die in it at some point anyway,” Mike joked with a laugh. Danny joined in with the laugh but Alicia wasn’t so amused. She didn’t really see that as being a natural cause, and something about this place was starting to send shivers down her spine. She actually began to feel a little nauseous.

    “Now I’ve got to be honest Dan,” Mike said and put a hand on his shoulder. “The main reason i wanted to look at this house first is because it was the only one on the market close to us with a full basement. I’m a band guy myself and got a lot of equipment and really want to build a nice studio. Mind if we take a look at that next?”

    “Let’s do it,” Danny said. “I’m into instruments myself.”

    “I need to use the bathroom quick,” Alicia blurted out. “I’m not feeling well, I’ll meet you down there.”

    “Sure,” Danny pointed down the hall. “Down there to the left, first door.”

    She made her way into the bathroom and sat on the toilet. She didn’t actually need to use it, she was just having incredible anxiety for some reason and needed to calm herself down. Something just felt weird to her. She still felt nauseous and there was a weird smell luring in there, making it worse. The aroma wreaked like maybe a rodent had died in the wall or something.

    She took a look around; nothing but a bathtub, a sink, and the toilet she was sitting on. Then she looked behind the toilet and saw a little crack where the wall meets the floor. There was something sticking out of it slightly. It looked like the small corner of a piece of paper. Curious, she reached for it and pulled it out. As she did the pungent smell grew a little bit stronger. It was a folded up piece of paper with writing inside it, written with what looked like coffee stains. She read the note.

    “If you’re reading this call the police immediately, the man who claims to be a real estate agent is NOT. He is a deranged serial killer. His father owned this house and passed away almost a year ago leaving the estate to him. He’s been showing off the house and luring people into the basement to sadistically torture and murder them. There are at least 7 rotting bodies chained up to the walls and I was one of them. I managed to slip out of the chains while he is upstairs. He has a tiny video camera built into his glasses. He told me he watches what he does to us later for fun. And he keeps logs of everything he does to his victims in a notebook. I won’t begin to describe what I have read. I was able to rip out a page to write this using the blood from my wounds. I’m going to attempt to escape now, but I am not very confident about it. I will slide this note into this crack in the ceiling in hopes that if I don’t make it out, someone will find it before its too late for them, I believe it’s the same crack i saw in the corner of the bathroom. GET OUT NOW AND CALL THE POLICE.”

    Alicia’s heart was racing. She was sitting right above the spot where some psychopath murdered a bunch of innocent people, including the person whose note she just read. She left her cell phone in the car. She had to go get it, but she also had to save her husband who was probably being…. she shook the thought.

    She decided to go for the phone first, not being sure she could fight off Danny by herself if her husband was already….. she really didn’t want to think about it. That couldn’t be happening. She burst out of the bathroom and ran toward the front door, but when she turned the corner at the end of the hall Danny was waiting for her with the smile of Satan painted across his face. He was covered in blood.

    Alicia’s scream pierced through the air and she ran in the opposite direction toward the sliding door in the kitchen. But it was key-locked, and the glass was way too thick for her to break through. Danny was walking toward her slowly, feeding on her fear. Like he knew she had no way out and was savoring every second her terrified aroma. Basking in it. Then she remembered the steak knives on the counter.

    She lurched over at them and grabbed one out of the holder. As she did this she noticed one was already missing….. the big one. She looked back at Danny who was now pulling it out of his back pocket. As he brandished the knife that was dripping with the fresh blood of her husband, he sped up his pace toward her.

    “GET BACK! STAY THE F##K AWAY FROM ME,” she wailed while waving the knife at him from left to right. But Danny just laughed. When he got close enough to reach her she took a swipe at his throat. He caught her wrist with his free hand, and slit her forearm open with the blade in his other. She dropped her knife and fell to the floor in agony. The cut was deep. She could see the white of her bones.

    She looked into the crazed eyes of this madman and could only cry out, “Why Danny, why, why…."

    "Ohhh my name isn’t Danny, sweetheart,” he spoke in a psychotic, eerie manner. “My name is Doctor Kirill. And the doctor thinks you might be having some heart issues, i think we better open you up and take a look…”


    Written by; Sage


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