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My neighbors are puppy sitting again. This is only the second time they’ve done it.

How do I know? Because that puppy will not shut up. Whining, barking, growling… I hear it all.

Whoever they puppy sit for has a terrible pup.

All I’ve heard is that damn puppy all night. Throwing it’s body weight against the garage, howling to be let out…must be looking for some action I guess, but still!

And they have a young child, Eric. Isn’t this keeping him up too? How inconsiderate. The first time this happened I didn’t say anything cause I figured they wouldn’t sit that puppy anymore but now….

I hear louder banging on the garage door. I look out the window that gives me a perfect view of their driveway. Lit by a full moon, I see the garage door shaking. At least it’s holding.

I guess I’ll have to talk to them tomorrow….

Credits to: krshann


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