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The three travellers crowded around the pool at the top of the mountain. A small goldfish swam inside.

“This is the fountain of knowledge?” doubted Timothy, a staunch Christian. “What nonsense. No such thing exists. How would it work?”

Rebecca said, “Ask it a yes or no question. If the answer is yes, the water bubbles. If it’s no, the fish will leap up.”

Jacques, a businessman, approached. “Will CoscoCorps make a good investment soon?”

The fish leapt up. The travellers watched, stunned.

“Coincidence”, said Timothy. “Ask something else.”

Rebecca came up. “Is my daughter still chaste?”

The water bubbled furiously. Timothy gasped. “My God, it exists!”

The water became still, and the other two travellers turned to look at Timothy as the fish landed back in with a plop.

Credits to: dev9x


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