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The Closet

In my childhood I was obsessed with my closet. This simple object was the subject of all my fears and I was always having nightmares about it, just wondering what could get in and out of the dark and empty space inside.

One day, my mum left me alone for the first time in the house just to go to the grocery store downtown. I was in my room, playing around with my favourite toys. The front door of the house was of course closed and the door of my room shut. I was playing with a little car when I heard it. Yes, IT.

At first, I thought it was someone breaking in the house but I had a feeling that the noise wasn’t human. Not at all. With more attention, I found out that it came from the closet. I stepped near the closet’s door quietly and heard a whisper, saying my name, calling me and saying that I should now get out of my hiding spot. And then I heard other noises.

I didn’t understand a thing in this whole situation. I was so scared, that it just paralysed me and I couldn’t move. The noise was closer now, just behind the door. I spontaneously closed it with the key, led by my instinct.

And then nothing.

Just a quiet room in a normal day. I began to calm myself a little bit but the sense of serenity I just had vanished when my closet opened up with a loud noise. I almost had a heart attack at this moment.

A tall and hideous dark puppet-like toy was in front of me, having just exited the closet. The thing was moving on the floor like a spider and was whispering words I didn’t knew. And it was smiling. My brain froze. I was locked in my house with a monster.

I ran to the door of my bedroom and tried to open it. Locked.

Fear began to paralyse me again as I understood that I was now locked in my room with the thing. Without any further study of the situation, I rolled on the floor near the beast and rushed to the closet. The thing yelled at me loudly as I was running away from it. It managed to attach a white rope to my wrist when I was fleeing and it hurt. I closed the door of the closet and hid in it, thinking with strength about my parents and focusing on the warm light of the outside. The monster was hitting the closet desperately and it seemed like it wanted to get back in it at any cost.

And then no more noises. No more whispers. Just emptiness.

I opened my eyes and put my hand on the handle of the closet’s door. As I pushed it down, consequently opening the closet again, the black puppet monster vanished in the air, and let the image of my mom, kneeling on the floor and crying, appear. I ran into her as I was bursting into tears of fear but of joy too.

She explained me this day that it had been six hours since she got back and that she called the police. She also told me that she searched for me in the closet, calling me to get out, because she saw me play in it the moment she left. But I wasn’t there either. I was nowhere to be found this afternoon.

The white rope wasn’t attached to my wrist anymore.

The night came and I finally found some sleep.

The nightmares came too with the night, more real than ever.

The thing was there, waiting for me. I woke it and she owns me now.

And in my sleep, manipulated just like a puppet, led by the slow movements of the white rope attached to my wrist, I walked to the closet, opened it, and then closed it when I was inside.

I never opened my eyes again.

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