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The housewarming party was two hours out from the city, and she was making good time on the highway. A familiar song played on the radio, interrupted only by intermittent directions from her dashboard GPS.

Her exit came much sooner than she expected. She glanced at the illuminated route on the screen as she turned.

Several winding and lampless streets brought her further into quiet and darkness as she followed each instruction. The radio had lost its signal. She was alone now but for the computerized voice of her GPS.

As she rolled to a stop at the announced destination, she passed through a gate but saw no houses. Her headlights revealed a lone van ahead.

The sudden rumbling of the gate caused her to jump as it closed behind her car. She squinted at the van and recognized its weatherworn logo as the one from her GPS.

A dark figure in the van’s front seat was barely visible, the glow of his laptop screen illuminating just the teeth of a slow, wide smile.



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