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Stalker Wanted

I was looking for a job. I came across an ad- Stalker Wanted- no shit, that’s what the ad read. I clicked on it out of morbid curiosity, yup… it said ‘Stalker needed aka voyeur if anyone wants to stalk an attractive brunette with a super fit body who is looking for someone to watch and spice up the marriage. Please contact the email address below to get the directions and payment instructions.’

I bite… and immediately I received the address and the time to come if I wanted to witness a great shower scene. The promise of $500 and I also have to send a message right after the shower to explain what I saw and give any critique.

Sitting outside the address I am so bored looking through the windows. So far, all I am seeing is a beautiful woman and her listless ass husband doing next to nothing. Her cooking, him watching TV- yawn, but hey it’s their money. Finally I see the woman going into the bathroom and I become alert, because I so want to see her naked by now. Yea, I’m taking this job serious.

As she is in the shower, the hubby is sitting on the toilet fully clothed not doing anything. Sheez no wonder this chick is looking for spice in her life. This dude is the epitome of paint drying.

After the shower is over, I write to my stalkee that while it was hot looking at her, I really felt weird with hubby just sitting around.

The message I received threw me- “Thank God, you can see her too!”

Credits to: Bnotafraid


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