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Scaring Anya

Anya was a horror freak– couldn’t scare her. She would watch horror movies alone in the dark in the middle of the night. She would walk through haunted houses with barely a peep, and definitely no screams.

Anya was constantly searching Reddit for something that would truly scare her.

Send me links! she would post, hoping someone could send her something to finally break through her bravery. Gore didn’t do it for her. Serial killers didn’t do it.

Anya went weeks without anything. She continued her normal routine, until one night she logged into Reddit and had a message.

For you, Anya it read. Confused and knitting her eyebrows together, she looked at the username. She didn’t recall giving out her name, but maybe the user was a friend. She looked at the attachment. For you, Anya it was called.

She opened the video.

As she watched, goosebumps broke out over her body.

A grainy video showed Anya going through her daily routine.

From inside the house. And as the video progressed, she started to feel panic rise up in her throat. Fast forwarding, she saw herself go to bed…the camera hovered over her sleeping. The next shot the clothes….the clothes in the video were the same ones she was wearing now. She fast forwarded to the end of the video, eager to see, but starting to dread finding out. She hoped to see a friend’s face, but instead found a fading image of the inside of her closet with words appearing on the screen.
See you soon.

Down the hall, there was a creak in her bedroom.

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