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My Grandma was a hoarder.

I always knew it was a mental disease she had trouble dealing with. Yard sales every weekend. Goodwill every other day. There was nothing she needed, but nothing she wouldn’t buy. Every Christmas our presents were just weird collections of junk she picked up.

Then our cousin, Rachel, was kidnapped.

Rachel had lived with Grandma, so this was a huge setback to my Grandma’s mental health and subsequently, her hoarding. It got so much worse. When you walked into her house, you were walking up an incline of trinkets and half broken toys that no one wanted.

Grandma mourned Rachel, but we never did find out who took her.

When Grandma died last week, my mother and I set to the task of clearing out her old house. Underneath all the junk, we found over 4 animal skeletons. Mice, cats, even what could have either been a small dog or a raccoon. Even further under, we found something else, something terrifying.


Credits to: krshann


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