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Poor Thomas

I feel confident yet still a bit nervous as I clutch my job resume folder. I feel like I’ve been in the waiting room for hours though it’s been minutes. I’ve worked my whole life to get up to this point. You see, I’ve always loved playing with trains.

When I was a boy, I’d build my own trains, my own tracks. I’d design whole towns. I’d spend so much time on my trains that my social life, my family life suffered.

My favorite thing to do was build it all up then smash everything together in violent collisions. I’d rig it so that the trains would catch fire. The little town guys would also become engulfed; I’d imagine and mimic their screams.

Trains flying off tracks. Devastating whole sets with hammers. Sounds of metal scraping on metal.


God I hope I get this job. I’m tired of playing with toys. It’s time to move up to the real thing.

Credits to: Huntfrog


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