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Pink Washing


I stared down into the barrel of the washing machine, pink clothes plastered to its sides. At first, I didn’t know what to think, but after a quick mental recap I remember that it hadn’t in fact been my fault. Jared had been the one in charge of splitting up the white from the colored clothing in the first place. So if it were anyone’s fault, it was his.

After a few seconds of silence Jared burst in.


I stared at him with an ashen expression.


He looked down at the pink load of washing, and he put on his most puzzled expression.

“Wasn’t that supposed to be white?”

“NO SHIT!” I yelled, rage boiling over.

His face went pale.

“But- no. No, I remembered to split everything! I double, even tripled checked! Do you honestly believe that I would screw something up like this?”

“Yes. Did you check the pockets?”

His face went even paler.


“Oh, come on Jared, you know he leaves markers in there sometimes!”

Just of a whim, I picked up the second closest article of clothing to me and riffled through its pockets, and sure enough, there was a small, long lump in one. I whipped it out victoriously.

“Aha! See? Careless, you are.”

He looked at me, and against all odds, he went even paler. His mouth was opened to scream, but nothing more than a failed squawk escaped before he fainted to the ground.

“Wha- Oh.”

It took me a few seconds afterwards to register the fact that I wasn’t in fact holding a marker, but a severed human finger.

Credits to: Mr_Halloween


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