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Let me begin by saying that I love the game An Untitled Story and am quite a scholar at it. However, it was my deep knowledge and curiosity that led me to this disturbing discovery, and it was my great love that made it worse. This story takes place before Undertomb and Strange Castle were implemented.

I had reached 98% completion. There was almost nothing left for me to collect, but I wanted to have more fun with this game. I decided to put my programming knowledge to use so I skimmed through the source code trying to look for secrets in the game and noticed something strange, but not too creepy to me at that time. There was an area which was apparently hidden in the game. It was between Cloudrun and Black Castle and was called Punishment. I saw a comment in the code: "Duck 666 times at the bird statue after reaching 95% for a surprise". I was excited to see what it was all about ingame so I went and pressed the down button 666 times. The ground beneath the statue disappeared and a purple portal appeared. I jumped in.

It was unlike anything I had seen in the game before. The screen had a reddish semi-transparent tint and occasionally there was a little visual noise which stayed in all of the future screens as well. There was no music. The place itself had only a pitch black floor, one wall behind me and a ceiling, the background was only grey and there were black hooks hanging from the ceiling. I was slightly unsettled but I went through the left side which had no wall.

As I entered, the screen quickly flashed red and after that it went black for about 2 seconds, during which some very disturbing music started playing, but it became far more disturbing when the blackness disappeared and I could...finally...see. And what I saw disgusted me and creeped me out. The red tint was gone, and the screen had become darker than the previous one. But the first thing that caught my attention was a giant "white" bird, like the one you play as, in the background. It was cut in 3 pieces, from the throat and the stomach and the parts were pinned. About half of the bird was covered in its own blood and guts, more realistic-looking than the rest of the game, and its eyes were wide open. Despite that, I kept my cool and got myself to look around in the room some more. I only saw what I think was a smaller version of the bird in the background, lying on a medical bed. My curiosity once again took over, so I climbed up some platforms that looked like spears, and from there I went left into another dark screen, where I was high at the top.

The floor was wide and deep. There were dozens of spikes on it where some birds were impaled with their blood splattered all over the place. From the ceiling were hanging once again some hooks, and yes, there were more birds on them, rocking left and right. The music did not stop. At this point I finally asked myself "What the hell is this sick shit?", a question which I might have asked in the previous screen if I wasn't so creeped out. There was nothing else in this room so I walked on the ceiling into the other room.

Here the music stopped but the screen was completely black except for a blue orb at the bottom. I went and grabbed it, and I really should have prepared myself for what happened next. A gut-wrenching sound was started and the view zoomed in to my character. He turned to face me and his flesh and insides came out of his mouth, covering him instead of skin. His organs were thrown out. When it all ended and the view zoomed out to normal again, the room was dimly lit with blood splattered on the wall behind and around my bird. There was also a writing on the wall: "THE CURIOUS WILL SUFFER". I noticed my mouth was open at that time. I had the most weird feeling. Why was this put in the game? Why didn't Matt delete the whole thing instead of hiding it? Halting all my questions, I once again entered the next room with my flesh-skinned blood-spilling bird.

I was very surprised but skeptical at first. The background and music were that of Cloudrun - everything was very pink, except for the floor and ceiling, which were both only halfway through the screen, and were black. There was a purple portal at the end of the road. Of course, I jumped in. The screen froze. The disturbing music from the screen with the big bird returned. The screen was split in half like a curtain, revealing goatse. The End. I assume this area is where...the ghosts...put...disobedient birds...


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