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One day, watching Azuritereaction's gameplay commentaries, I came across a video of Sweetielise playing a game called Irisu Syndrome. At first, it looked like a girl's game, but Azuritereaction stated that it became more scary with time. I only watched the first couple of minutes, because I didn't want to spoil myself. I downloaded the game, and tried to start playing.
However, the game was in Japanese. I heard of an english patch floating around, so I installed it, then started playing. There were three options: Play, album, and ranking. I checked album. There wasn't much there. I didn't want to check rankings, because I knew it was only just scoreboards. So I went to play.

I clicked on play. It brought me to a puzzle game. I watched a couple videos on how to play, and I sorta got the hang of it right away. You were supposed to make blocks touched the same colored blocks to get points. However, if they didn't touch the right colored blocks, you would lose life.

Soon, I died. A girl faded in and she stared into my eyes. She stared at me with a blank expression on her face. I only got 2,000 points. It cut to a picture of a girl and a boy walking through the woods. Soon, it brought me back to the title screen. I thought I could do better, so I clicked on play again. This time, I got 9,000 points. The picture it brought me to was a girl and a guy eating.

Then, I noticed something. I saw a .jpg in the folder with two scratch marks. I looked at the picture. It was three people, people I had saw earlier. Except, two people were scratched out. I had no time to think about it since right the screen cut to black. Then random letters appeared on the screen, accompanied with static. The letters then appeared to spell out "SHe IS CoMING".

It then cut back to my game. I was shocked out of my mind. I decided to play more. I wanted to get to the ending. I somehow managed to rack up 45,000 points on my last game. I was happy, but instead of the normal girl fading in, she looked like a demon.

I was feeling disturbed right then. I started to notice the images of cats murdering themselves in the background. saw cats falling into pits of spikes, cats in microwaves, cats hanging from the ceiling. I felt nauseous as I moved on.

The game cut to a black screen with only a flashing square in the background. Captions then appeared on the screen telling names of bodies found. Edogawa and Uuji.

It cut to a picture of three people on a beach. Those were the three people I saw earlier. I hesitatingly clicked on the screen to move on. It cut to a picture of a girl taking a look at pictures. Captions moved along the screen, what the girl is saying.

When suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a dark figure moving along my screen. It was the demon that faded in when I obtained 45,000 points! I was going completely nuts right now. How was she even on my desktop, totally not in the game!? Scared out of my mind and not knowing what to do, I just watched as the demon Irisu glided across my desktop and into the game. Soon enough, the game cut to black. The captions that moved along the screen were "Irisu Kyoko! W- what's with that new... look?" The screen then cut to the demon with a spiked bat in her hand, ready to strike down on the pink haired girl. The demon version of Irisu struck.

She struck the bat into something off screen. Blood spattered into the air. Disgust rose vomit into my throat as I watched hopelessly as the demon struck with the spiked bat. Soon, the game closed itself. There's no way any of this could've happened. I hoped it was a figment of my imagination.

Every part of me wanted to see what happens next. Being the stupid person I am, I clicked on the Irisu Syndrome icon. Luckily for me, it cut to a birthday party, no menus, just a birthday party. It showed a normal version of the pink haired girl crying in the corner. She got into a conversation with her friends who had came up to her, then it cut back to the title screen.

I didn't want any more of this. I closed the game and decided to uninstall the game, never to see it again. I can't go to sleep now, 'cause whenever I close my eyes to go to sleep, I see that demon. Haunting my thoughts. Never letting me sleep.


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