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Most nostalgic gamers look back on Microsoft DOS with memories of simplistic times, playing Duke Nukem and Doom all day long. I have a different perspective on the whole DOS memory. When I was younger, I was scarred for life after playing the classic DOS game, BLOOD by MONOLITH. When I bought the game, I popped the diskette in my computer and ran it in DOS.

I got a used copy, but when I started I realized that the menu was a bit different than my friend's copy. In the background there was supposed to be a playthrough of episode 1 level 1, but instead there was a picture of man stabbed to death, you might expect this from a game with the name "BLOOD" but this wasn't even pixelated like the graphics processor, it was like looking into a mirror. The face was realistic with full color and high quality.

At that moment I tried pressing QUIT on the main menu, but I was stuck on NEW GAME. I was forced to press enter. I was given four chapters, but the names were corrupted as if I had a scratched diskette. I chose the first one on the list. I was given an ear piercing scream as I pressed enter. For a split second I got a picture of the game's protagonist, Caleb.

DOS then decided to crash on me. I took the diskette out of my computer and decided to find the person who sold me this to ask for a refund. From the return address on the package the diskette was in and went to the house, it was a three hour drive from my house but I finally made it. When I rang on the door bell I got no answer. I rang and knocked for around ten minutes until I finally looked into the window. The windows were tinted from the outside but I took my lighter and melted the tint off.

I could make out a dead corpse with a pitch fork jabbed into the chest and the entrails were lined up in the word "BURN" in the corner of my eye I saw something that looked like the protagonist of BLOOD running toward me with a winchester. I hopped the house's porch railing and got into my car. The Caleb impostor shot out the front windshield as I drove into the road.

I skidded in a 180 turn and rammed the Caleb impostor into the house. I got out of the car to see if he was dead. He wasn't, there was a trail of blood that lead into the house. I got the switchblade from my car and broke down the front door. He was in the room that the original owner of the game was killed so I ran at him and stabbed him, my knife pinned him to the wall as his face turned pale. As soon as I got home from the murder victim's house I snapped the diskette in half and threw it into my fire place, never to be haunted by that game again...


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