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I came to acquire a DS version of the Harvest Moon game some time ago, back when my first DS was still functioning. I'd been playing for some time, and had made decent progress in the game. My target girl was Celia at the time, and I was close to the Orange heart, which would mean that I'd have my first opportunity to be able to propose.

At this time, I approached the Witch Princess. Occasionally, I'd just pop by and visit random villagers, just to see if anything changed. The usual conversation ensued. However, when I tried to give her a piece of Blue Grass, an item that she "likes", she didn't take on the usual expression or dialogue. Instead, her expression was one of disappointment, and "..." was all that appeared in the dialogue box. I tried talking to her again, but her expression turned to the angry face, still with the "..." in the box. I exited and re-entered the shack and talked to her again. The default face showed, but the dialogue box remained with "..."

The next morning, I got up to go talk to Celia, in hopes of finally reaching the Orange heart. I barely missed her on the way to Mineral Town, and I was forced to find some way to kill time until she returned. I started back for the farm. When I crossed the river, however, things started to get weird. The random background animals and townspeople were nowhere to be found. I tried to visit houses and other buildings, but all of them were closed. The only building that I found to be open was the Witch Princess's shack, but it was empty. I headed for the farm once more. My neighbor wasn't open, either. What really got me, though, was that all of my animals and the sprites I'd hired were gone.

I suddenly realized that the clock wasn't ticking.

Panicked, I went into my house. Everything seemed normal, and I was relieved that I could still interact with items around me. I went to sleep, hoping that it would fix any glitch that had happened.

My character was awakened before the day was over. The clock showed 4:00 PM for the time. When I left my house, my animals had returned. Assuming the strange ordeal was over, I headed towards the path to the Valley to once again try to woo Celia. However, when I crossed the path into town, the screen faded to black. It came back up with the screen you'd see once you exited your farm, with one exception: my character was missing. A dialogue box appeared on the screen, with every line full of the strange symbols of the Witch Princess's spells. The screen faded to black, with only my suddenly reappeared character on the screen. Another dialogue box appeared, displaying the message: "Oh, man..."

My character started spinning, and then fell backwards like he'd passed out from exhaustion. The screen went back to the path from the farm, and my character was lying on the ground. Nothing moved. I couldn't open any menus.

I immediately took out the cartridge and turned off the device. When I turned it back on and reopened the game, my character was back in the Witch Princess's shack, the piece of Blue Grass held above his head. I tried to walk away, but my character didn't respond. The only thing I could do was give her the grass.

I realized that her heart was Yellow.


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