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"God! It's a windy day!" I said, turning on his PlayStation 2. "I think I'm going to play some Grand Theft Auto! San Andreas Style!" I placed the disc in the tray and reset the PS2. I went to go get a snack. When I came back, the game already started. But CJ was in Tierra Roba, which was in San Fierro. His safehouse was in Ganton. "Weird. Oh well," I thought to myself. I continued to play, stealing cars and causing mayhem, but it seemed CJ couldn't leave Tierra Roba, which caused the cops to kill him.

CJ respawned in the middle of a construction site. There was one pedestrian there. He looked like the picture above. I walked over to him. He started to mumble something then eventually walked away. I followed the man. I took forever until he reached the Mass Grave in Bone County. He got inside a Bobcat placed by the grave. I got in to steal the car. I thought it would be funny. However, I didn't steal the car. Instead, I got in the passenger seat and sat there. He started to drive.

He was speeding down the desert. Then he got out. I went in the driver seat and drove away. I drove away because it started to get creepy. The pedestrian talked the whole way. He kept repeating, 'Soon my friend. Soon.' He pulled out a gun and shot out my tires. It only took 2 Shots. I couldn't drive and bailed. The ped started to shoot me, then killed me.

I spawned in the construction site. The man was standing there, but now there were peds walking around him. He was provoking all of them but getting in the fist stance. I started to laugh, but right when I started the game crashed. There was a terrible screeching sound. There was also text on the screen saying, 'SOON MY FRIEND. SOON.' My PlayStation 2 turned off. I huddled in a blanket on the couch scared for my life.

A few years have passed since the incident and I haven't played San Andreas since. I went on the internet and searched 'Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Myths,' because I knew that this was probably a myth. I found on The GTA Wiki a page called Serial Killer. Everything I saw was right. People believe that he had something to do with the Mass Grave, the provoking of peds, killing random peds.

I rushed downstairs. I couldn't find my GTA game. I just turned on the PS2. San Andreas started up as soon I started my PS2. The Serial Killer was shooting me, but there was realistic blood. He kept saying "ONE OF THEM" over and over until CJ died. The game crashed. The screen had blood red text, barely legible saying, 'THE END.' The game then turned back on. I spawned in Ganton and everything was normal. I never saw The Serial Killer again.


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