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I decided to post this, because I really need to tell someone about what has happened to me.

You may have heard of a popular Half Life 2 modification called Garry's Mod, it's pretty much where you can spawn things, edit them, pose stuff, ect. You can download maps to play on, and this one I downloaded a while ago, something really strange happened on it...

It was Halloween, and I was really, I started up Garry's Mod. Recently, I'd been wanting to play on this map, it was like, a school, and I was really bored anyway. So, it started up normally, everything was good, and I decided to go full crazy on bad guys. So, I spawned tons of enemy Combine Soldiers and about 10 zombies, and had some fun. When I spawned again, I heard a couple of strange noises. They mainly consisted of constant bangings, and it was really starting to creep me out.

I then realised about the zombies, so I made my way to one of the rooms, where some zombies were. A little bit later, I had killed pretty much all of the Combine, and the zombies were long gone.

The noise was still there.

It was getting more and more louder, and it wouldn't stop. There was door openings, and footsteps, all sorts of weird noises were going off. I got fed up, and loaded up some random person's save. This, was a very bad idea. Who ever had made this made it so that they were dead bodies everywhere. The noise got even louder, as if it liked how the atmosphere was scary.

At this point, I just decided to choose a random save for me to play around with again. I shouldn't of done that. The game briefly froze, then when I finally thought it had loaded up the save, the screen starting glitching. The noises became glitchy noises, such as the ones you hear when a TV is static. The screen, had changed to multicolour, and it was glitching out big time. Since Garry's Mod is a full screen game, that hides everything, I decided that I'd use the Windows Start button to exit the game manually. This however, wouldn't work. The noise getting louder, I couldn't exit that way, and there was two options left. I went for the other one, CTL + ALT + DELETE. You guessed it, this didn't work either.

I just went for the last action; turn the computer off and run. Finally, it turned off.

I've never played on that map since, and I don't think I ever will...and if I do, I don't want this noise again.


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