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I was walking out of school when something caught my eye. A USB drive... I picked it up and it said, "Hello
wink emoticon," on it. Foolishly, I took it home and plugged it into my computer. It held only a game titled "Dream Explorer". I loaded it up. It was a black screen and I thought that it was broken until a loud screech happened and in bold white letters DREAM EXPLORER came up. I recognised the music as the original music from Lavender Town in pokemon. I assumed this was made by a student for a medi studies assignment and I decided to give it 5 minutes and give it to the lost and found tomorrow.

I couldn't walk back to school now. It had a button saying new dream so I pressed enter starting the game. Everything went silent, and then a room faded in. I soon realised the game was similar to the game LSD Dream Emulator in graphics and gameply feel. I went to a door and it opened. I looked around the corner and there was a TV showing a rather amusing stick figure animation. A noise from behind my character made me turn around. i saw nothing. When I looked back towards the TV it was a lamp. I figure it was because with dreams nothing hardly ever stays the exact same. I went into the next room. It was a bathroom. I walked up to the mirror and saw myself in it. I looked up and saw that my webcam was off. I tried closing the game but it didn't work. To make things worse my face started melting off. I checked my real face and thankfully it was still in place.

Thats when I realised behind me in the game was a creature that resembled slenderman. I turned around in real life fast and thankfully saw nothing. Causing my character to do a 360 fixed the issue then my character fell into a room full of mirrors. thats when the game itself closed down. The next day I was holding the USB ready to hand it into the ladies at the office when a kid who appeared to be in grade 12 came up to me and asked where I found this USB. I said it was on the ground. I asked him about the mirrors he said he was planning to implement a webcam mirror feature resembling what I saw but he never even started working on it. Till this day I don't know what the deal with the game was but at least my computer was never effected.


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