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There's a new Mayor in Falconreach "Mayor Waen."

He looks like your average Mayor, he has his suit and he looks professional.

He doesn't seem to be greedy like the last Mayor. But he is, indeed "worst"

What many people don't know is what he does in his free time... in the silent night.

You see in a specific time in Falconreach when it's nighttime the Mayor puts out all of the possible things that has light. Like Candles and torches.

It's pitch black outside. It's so dark that if anyone wanted to kill someone in the middle of Falconreach, they can, they won't be able to be seen, you will just hear the gurgling screams of the victims.

The Mayor leaves his office and goes outside in this such time. He takes these night patrols in the pitch black silent night. He walks until he sees a house, he carefully sees through the window to see if anyone is inside, if he doesn't find someone in the house he will move to the next house.

Now, if he sees you sleeping he will stare at you. He loves staring at people while they sleep, he fantasies on ways he will kill the person if he ever were to wake up and look outside the window. He will stare at you with a blank expression for the whole night.

He just love to stare at the kids sleeping, he loves seeing the movement they make as they are breathing under the covers.

His eyes open wide of enjoyment and he has a huge grin upon his face. Nothing can make him as happy as when he stares at little children. Nothing.

You never noticed him? When you sleep at serenity's inn he goes to the inn and opens your door, making sure no one EVER sees him.

He then will Open his eyes wide and stare at you through the door. He just stands next to the door with the same happiness as he gets when watching little kids.

When you wake up from your slumber he hides under your bed, good thing you can't check under the bed or know.

Serenity doesn't notice shes to busy taking care of other adventurers to pay attention to your room.

But what happens when you log off? Simple our hero stands there in the middle of falconreach, awaiting your return anxiously as the Mayor slowly moves toward our hero, he then proceed to torture him and kill him. You don't notice, you log in and he looks fine doesn't he?

Well it's because he dies and revives, just like any other games in the world does. When you log in he instantly runs away back to his office. Your hero is happy to see you but also scared. You torture him as you forcefully click the screen while not noticing his screams and his sobs as he runs.

The designer made you unable to hear his screams , they did that on purpose so you won't notice. They force him to read the scripts they prepared for him, as he frighteningly makes sure he doesn't screw up and goes along with the story, to satisfy YOU.

Now if you log in, in a specific time you will see everything in Dragonfable become..bizarre.

When you log-in, in this "specific time" you will see your character crying his eyes out on the floor sitting down, Falconreach will be destroyed and the ocean will become red from the heroes who have fallen.

You will see this "Things" with deformed faces they will put these "Masks" and pretend to be everyday civilians and NPC, you will see them trying to rush as they bring in a painting of the..old falconreach.

The whole game is a script.

At the end of this terrifying view on how Dragonfable really is the face of your Hero will pop-up in the game, Looking straight at you with wide open eyes. The game will then show your regular setting, as how it is when you log-in.

But just know this, Dragonfable may seem just like a normal game, but it's not. And our "Hero" is a just a normal guy, who plays as a actor with deformed monsters playing as a NPC.

Be careful to look at these NPC's for a long time.

Or they will become suspicious...


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