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Hi all. XXPhantomFangWolfXx here.

I'm posting this on Creepypasta because I'm not sure where else to put it. Well that and the fact that I may actually get some help if I post it here.

Maybe even a shared experience or two.

Not long ago, I started playing WoW. That stands for World of Warcraft, just in case you didn't know.

Now, if you've never played it before, let me tell you, WoW is an AMAZING game. Just amazing. I downloaded the trial, and so I get to play free until I reach level 80. Fun, right? You bet it is. And the game runs pretty much flawlessly on my school-provided MacBook Pro, aside from the occasional glitch.

These glitches are typically VERY small, and they don't really affect the gameplay much. They all go away pretty quick. Except for one. There's this glitch that has kept recurring, over and over, since the day I started playing. It's starting to worry me.

The glitch, at least I think it's a glitch, is simple, but actually rather disturbing. In my opinion, at least. It happens whenever I am returning to an area I have been before that is important to the plot of the game.

It only happens, however, when that area has been the location of a large battle, or when a concentrated number of enemies has previously been there, and it only happens under an arch.

How it happens is this. I will be returning to an area that fits the description I just mentioned, and I'll be running towards an arch to get to one spot or another, and then suddenly a medium sized group of NPC humans will appear. At the head of the group is always a man on horseback, and though the color of the horse is subject to change, the man is always wearing a dark, navy-blue army uniform, and pointing a long rapier at the rest of the group. His back is always to me, no matter which direction I am coming from.

The other men are facing him in rows, one behind the other in a semicircle, and they all look the same, although their uniform changes with each appearance. Sometimes it is men and women, though usually just men, and often they are villagers from one area or another. However, the disturbing thing about this is that the crowd of people facing the leader always appear to be in great agony. They are holding their heads and dropping to their knees, though they never say anything, and the leader on horseback shows no reaction.

Whether I stay still and watch this haunting anomaly or run forth to try to get a closer look, they always disappear in less than a minute, quicker if I approach. From what I have discerned, no interaction can be possible between us. I have been trying to obtain screencaps of this event, and as soon as I get some I will be posting them on this page.

However, whenever I am with a group of fellow players and I experience the glitch, I ask them about it, but none of them seem to have seen it. Please, if you are a player of WoW, and have encountered this mysterious happening, or have any information whatsoever, please, I'm begging you say something in the talk page, and if need be I can provide you with my email.

This is not a prank. This is not a joke. This is not a hoax.

I am a real, living person, and I am humbly asking for your help in digging up any information possible about this unnerving sight. I thank you for your time from the bottom of my heart.


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