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My name is Mike. I'm writing this down so others can know what's going on and spread my story when I leave. I don't know if this is safe, or if David can get to this and destroy it, But I have to try.
It all started one day this summer when I had finally gotten an Xbox. I went around town checking local garage sales for any Xbox games. I picked up a few good ones, like Halo 3, Guitar Hero II, and other games. I was on my way home from these garage sales to play my new games, when I found a house that caught my eye.

I parked by the side of the road, and walked up to the owner of the house. He was a young man, he looked like he was in his late thirties. I asked him if he had any games, and he showed me a table with a whole bunch of old video games on it. I inspected the table. I didn't see very many great or noteworthy games, but I did see a sole Xbox game that got my attention.

I picked up the game. It had the green transparent case like all Xbox games, but it wasn't one I had ever seen before. The box art was simply a white piece of paper with "DAVID'S GAME" written on it with a sharpie marker. I asked the man about it. He said it was a game his late son David had created. He told me how David was a brilliant hacker, and how he figured out how to put custom games onto discs. I asked the man how much he wanted for it. He told me I could have for free, but I put a twenty dollar bill into his revenue bin just out of kindness.

I took the game home and popped it in. It was a 8-bit RPG game, similar to Final Fantasy, or Chrono Trigger. The main character seemed to be in David's likeness, and I only knew this because I saw a photo that was taken of David before he died. I played for a bit, and then I ran into an NPC who told me not to go into the temple in the game. I decided this was a good stopping point, so I turned off the console for a bit.

I went into the kitchen, and I heard the Xbox turn on. A bit creeped out, I went into the living room, and greeting me on the screen was a message sent through Xbox Live. The message said "Do you wanna play a game?" It was from one of my new Xbox Live friends. I was relieved. I decided to play a bit more of David's game. I made it to the 1st dungeon, where the dungeon boss' last words words were "Don't go into the temple." I was a bit spooked, but since it's a video game, I wasn't shaken too much.

After beating the boss, I was ejected from the game back to the Xbox menu. I had a new message. I read it, and it said "Why won't you go into the temple?" Now I assumed that David hacked the game to send me such a message if I didn't go into the temple, but I don't know that the Xbox can do that.

A bit creeped out now, I removed the disc and put in Halo 3. I went to go get a drink, and when I came back, I had yet another message. It read "PLAY THE GAME". I assumed this was another of David's hacks, but the weird a part was that the last message supposedly sent by the game didn't show the name of the sender.

This message said it's sender was DAVID. Written exactly like that.

This was pretty weird, but that's not the worst part. After I dismissed the message, my cabinet full of games opened seemingly on it's own accord. Except it wasn't full of games. Every last one of them was gone, except for David's game, which was laying there in the middle of the cabinet.

I removed the game from it's case and put it into the Xbox. Guitar Hero wasn't in there like I left it. I put in David's game, and loaded my file. Instead of the usual location in the inn, I was directly in front of the temple all the NPCs told not to enter. I received a message on Xbox Live. It was another message from David. It told me to go into the temple.

I obeyed him.

I went into the temple. It was the most gruesome thing I have ever seen in any game. There was blood splashed across the floor and the walls, there were rotting corpses everywhere, some of them impaled on spears, others beheaded by traps. I went across the room and went through a door that seemingly led outside.

I emerged on the other side of the door into a garden area on top of a hill. There was a lone casket laying in the center of the garden. The casket had David's name on it. He was adding to the game even in death. There is no way he predicted his own death and put it into a video game.

I walked over to the casket, nervous, and pressed the A button on my controller to open. And looking back on this I wish I hadn't. The casket opened to reveal David's corpse. It looked eerily peaceful. I pressed A again, and the corpses' eyes opened and seemed to stare through the screen into my very soul.

In the game, the sky seemed to turn blood red, the trees caught on fire and my character perished. The corpse rose out of it's casket into the air. The ground was crumbling in the garden. It's piercing eyes looked at me. A haunting, yet young voice spoke in the game. It said that David was coming for me, and that there was nothing I could do about it. The voice stopped, and so did all of the power in my house.

I don't know if I didn't realize it, or if it was part of this cursed game, but the sky outside had turned to night. I was alone. Alone in my house in the dark.

Except for those footsteps. I heard footsteps coming down the hall. I turned the corner, my frightened mind telling me to run away, and I was met by a startling image.

David was there, in my hallway. His face was covered with blood, his skin was a sickly white color, his whole face had a horrible, sunken look, and his hair was a complete mess of dirt and blood, and he had a knife imbedded in this chest, and many fresh-looking cuts on his wrists and just everywhere.

He started to walk towards me. He grabbed hold of me. His hands were as cold as ice. I could have fainted, but I would've just shocked myself back to consciousness. He told me he was going to kill me because I took his game. He took me forcefully by my arm, and led me back down the hall. The front door opened on it's own. What was outside was hellish in all senses of the word.

I looked down at myself. I was decomposing with every step I took with David. I felt my body getting weak. I thought I was going to faint. By the time we reached the door, I had passed out. David didn't expect this, and he let go of my arm. I immediately returned to full strength. I ran away out the back door. I didn't even want to look back to see if David was following me. But I did look back, and was relieved to see David was nowhere in sight. I looked down at myself, expecting to see nothing but a skeleton with peels of rotten flesh hanging from it, but instead I saw my own healthy body.

I have now rented an apartment, and I have lived in peace ever since the incident. Until tonight. A package arrived in the mail. It had no address except mine, and it had no information regarding the sender.

I opened the package, and within was that dreaded game again.


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