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It all started on a regular night; the sudden urge to advance beyond human-kind, and to show the world what true advancements are.

Jeremy, the most innovative scientist in the world for: the first ever Artificial Intelligence. Everyone cheers him on as he creates more advanced robots that almost seem to have a mind of their own. However, people do go against him and ask if these machines will be dangerous, and whether they are necessary or not.

Jeremy says that none of his creations will ever try to do anything "wild". Jeremy couldn't create his AI alone however, and his apprentice was known as Ludwig. Ludwig was never actually 'known' in the sense that no one actually realized he was part of the works. Jeremy didn't see this. As he was too obsessed with his work, and Ludwig had enough when one day, a news crew came in to interview Jeremy.

The following are lines from the event. However due to the low processing power, some lines may be corrupt.

REPORTER: "Hello__ ______! How are you doing today?"

???: "Why I'm doing fine, and today I'm going to show all of my inventions."

REPORTER: "1001[O]10K01[s]01[o]010[w]01[h]011[a]01011010[t]101[a]101[r]1010[e]101[t]1010[h] 101[e]101[y]101[c]101[a]0101[p]1010[a]010[b]1010[l]1010[e]101?" (WARNING: FILE CORRUPT)

???: "Well, they consist of certain powers that aid us. There is cut for the wide variety of scientific and engineering works. There is super strength for construction, fire for more inventive situations, hazardous and danger clean up with CO2 ice, and even military help with bombs. There also might be a need for the electricity.

REPORTER: "Wow they are all very un1010[i]1010[q]1010[u]101[e]! Well that's all the time we for today with __ _____. tune in to CBS news today!"

Ludwig was never mentioned in the video, and as it being a short interview to begin with, Ludwig told Jeremy that he quit. With rage he hurried back home for revenge. The reason was: him not being as well noticed, and Jeremy getting all the credit for their AI's. Ludwig decided to sneak in the lab that night and programmed all of the AI's to follow him and do as he says.

Jeremy woke up next morning and saw what happened with all of his work. He knew that Ludwig was capable of this and he decided to create a final robot that end all of the malfunctioning AI's.

He named it Rock, and decided to upgrade him to a certain blue tint. The next thing Jeremy realized was the soft voice stating in his ear:

"Is he ready Mr. Light?"

"Yes Roll. He is ready."



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