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Mr. Jameson straightened out his tie and cleared his throat.

“Thank you for coming to parent teacher night. Please observe the name tags on the desks. You will be sitting in the same seats that your children sit in.

Thank you.

I’d like to talk about a very serious subject. School shootings. You ever wonder why it’s always students that snap and shoot up the school?

I know. It’s horrific, killing innocent kids like that. But I tell my students that a good exercise is to always put yourself in the other person’s shoes for a minute.

Maybe they just couldn’t take it anymore. They look around and are sickened by what they see. Kids these days are pieces of garbage. No respect. Promiscuous. Drug dealers and addicts. Lazy. Rude. No goals. Bullies. Assholes.

I see some of you shaking your head and looking surprised at my words. Don’t get me wrong. I assure you that I don’t blame the kids for turning out rotten.”

Mr. Jameson walks over to the door and locks it.

“I blame the parents.“

Credits to: Huntfrog


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