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Paranormal Games

The Bath Game

The Bath Game or”Daruma-san” is a paranormal ghost game that originated in Japan. The game involves summoning a grotesque ghost that will follow you all day. The object of the game is to evade the ghost and prevent it from catching you.

Warning: We advise you not to play the bath game. They say that playing Daruma-san can result in very bad things happening to you.

Bath Game Instructions:
Step 1: Before you go to bed at night, take off your clothes and go into the bathroom.
Step 2: Fill the bathtub with water and turn off the lights.
Step 3: Sit in the middle of the bathtub, facing the faucets or taps.
Step 4: Wash your hair, while repeating over and over the words “Daruma-san fell down.”
Step 5: As you wash your hair, in your mind, you should see an image of a Japanese woman standing in a bathtub. She slips and falls onto a rusty tap. The tap goes through her eye and kills her.
Step 6: Keep repeating the words “Darma-san fell down. Daruma-san fell down: until you finish washing your hair. Your eyes must remain shut.
You may hear or feel a slight movement in the bathwater behind you. Keep your eyes closed. DO NOT PEEK. You have just summoned a ghost.
The ghostly figure of a woman will rise out of the water behind you. You will feel her presence as she stares at you her head just behind your right shoulder. Her hair is black and tangled. Her clothes are tattered and rotting. She has only one eye. Her left eye is wide open and bloodshot. Her right eye is missing, leaving a bloody, hollow eye socket.

Step 7: When you sense the presence of the ghost, say aloud: “Why did you fall in the bath?”
Step 8: Keeping your eyes shut tightly, stand up, get out of the bath. Be careful not to trip and fall. Immediately leave the bathroom and shut the door behind you. Now it is safe to open your eyes. Leave the water in the bath over night. Go to sleep.

The next morning, when you wake up the game will begin. The ghost of the one-eyed woman will be following you. Whenever you turn to look, she will disappear. Throughout the day when you glance over your right shoulder, you will occasionally catch a glimpse of her. She will get closer and closer as the day goes on. Do not allow her to catch you.

If you chance over your shoulder and see that she is excessively close, you should shout “Tomare” which means “Stop”. Then run away as quickly as possible. This will allow you to put some distance between yourself and the one-eyed woman.

To end the game, you must catch a glimpse of the ghostly woman and shout “Kitta” which means, “I cut you lose!” Then hold out your hand in front of you and swing down in a cutting motion (like a karate chop).

You should end the game before midnight. Otherwise, the one-eyed woman will appear in your dreams and follow you.

Bath Game Rules:

Do not open your eyes when the ghost first appears.
Do not allow the ghost to trip you when you get out of the bath.
DO not re-enter the bathroom after you leave.
Do not drain the bathtub until morning.
Do not allow the one-eyed woman to catch up to you.

A final piece of advice:

Do not play this game. It is very dangerous. Summoning ghosts can result in you getting possessed by a demon or dying in a horrible way. You could also trip and fall in the bath and seriously injure or kill yourself. If you fail to end the game properly, the ghost could continue to follow you for the rest of your life. Do not play this game


The Closet Game

The Closet Game is a scary paranormal ghost game that can be played by one or two people. The object of the game is to summon a demon.

WARNING: The Closet Game is very dangerous. Summoning a demon could result in you becoming possessed or being dragged into eternal darkness. We recommend that you do not play this game.

To play the closet game, you need a book of matches and a bedroom with a closet. You can do this alone or with a friend. Wait until it is night. This will not work during day light.

Step 1: Take the book of matches and go to your bedroom.
Step 2: Turn off all the lights in the room. The room must be in complete darkness. If there is a light in the closet make sure it is off.
Step 3: Open the closet door, step inside and close the door behind you.
Step 4: Stand in the darkness for approximately two minutes, facing the closet door.
Step 5: Take one match, hold it in front of you and say,Show me the light or leave me in darkness.”
Step 6: Listen very carefully. If you begin hearing a faint whispering, l lights the match immediately. If you don’t hear anything, and the match does not ignite on its own, then don’t turn around. If you do not light the match fast enough after hearing the faint whispers, you will feel something grab you from behind and drag you into eternal darkness.
Step 7: Keep the match lit. Do not blow it out. If it accidentally goes out, immediately light another match.

Step 8: Holding the lit match in front of you, open the closet door slowly and step outside. Do not turn around. Close the closet door behind you. Do not look inside the closet.

From now on, you must make sure you always have the light on when you look inside the closet. If you leave your closet open during the night with the lights off, you will see the demon watching you with two red eyes that glows like matches.


The Hosting Game

The Hosting Game is a scary paranormal ghost game. The object of the game is to summon three ghosts.

To play the hosting game, you will need three matches, a clock, a pen or pencil and a sheet of paper. You also need to be alone in the house.

Caution: We advise you not to play this game, as its cold result in something very bad happening.

Preparations: Select one room in your house. The room must be small, empty room with no windows. It can be a closet, a bathroom or any other type of room. This is the hosting room.

If you cannot find a room with no windows, you can use a room that has windows, but you must block the windows somehow. No light should be able to get into the room.

Step 1: Turn off all sources of noise. That means phones, TVs, computers, electrical gadgets etc.
Step 2: Wait until it is dark outside. Turn of all the lights in the house except for the light in the hosting room. Leave that one on. If there is no light bulb in the hosting room, you can put a candle or a flashlight in there. Leave the pen, paper and clock in the hosting room.
Step 3: Now the game can begin. Go to the furthest point in your house from the hosting room. Walk from room to room, making your way back to the hosting room. In each room you pass through, stop and call out, “ I will be ready soon.”
Step 4: When you get to the hosting room, take the sheet of paper and write the following on it:

You are invited to a gathering, hosted by (writ your name here). It takes place at (write the current time here.) Bring your friends.”
Place the sheet of paper on the floor in the middle of the room.

Step 5: Stand in the doorway, facing into the hosting room and say “I am ready. You may come in.”
Step 6: Turn off the light, turn around and walk out. Stand outside the doorway with your back turned to the hosting room.
Step 7: Take out three matches and hold them in your hand. Count out loud from one to ten. At ten, strike the first match.
If the match lights on the first strike, say aloud, “I am glad to see you. Thank you for coming.”
If the match does not light on the first strike, drop it and immediately proceed to the next step.

Step 8: Strike the second match. If the match lights on the first strike, say aloud, “ I am glad to see you. Thank you for coming.”

If the match does not light on the first strike, drop it and immediately proceed to the next step.

Step 9: Strike the third match. If the match lights on the first strike, say aloud, : I am glad to see you. Thank you for coming.”

If the match does not light on the first strike, this is very bad. It means you have uninvited guests. Do not turn around. Run immediately to the nearest light source (not the one in the hosting room) and turn it on. The party is over.

Step 10: If the third match lit on the first strike, stand very still and listen carefully. You will hear faint voices or whispering behind you. Do not turn around.

To end the hosting game, say aloud, “Thank you for coming. Goodbye.” Then walk to the nearest light source and turn it on. The game is over. Your guests are gone.

Do not turn around or look behind you at any point during this game.


The Thumb Game

The Thumb Game (oyayubi sagashi) is a Japanese urban legend about a young woman who died. Anyone who finds her missing thumb will be granted a wish. The game is also sometimes called “Looking for the thumb”

The object of the Thumb Game is to find the missing left thumb of a murdered young woman. If you find it, your wish will be granted. You need three or more people to play this game.

In a villa, a 20 year old woman was murdered. Her corpse was dismembered. When her body parts were discovered, they were strewn all around the villa. Her left thumb was nowhere to be found.

Step 1: Form a circle sitting on the ground. You should grab the left thumb of the person on your right. The person on your left should grab your left thumb.
While the game is in progress, do not let go of the person’s thumb. Otherwise, when the game ends, their thumb will be missing.

Step 2: Everyone has to close their eyes and imagine they are in the villa where the murdered woman was dismembered. You must do this seriously or else it will not work.
While the game is in progress, do not open your eyes.

Step 3: Say the following chant twice.
“Oyayubi, Oyayubi, hear our voices.
Oyayubi, Oyayubi, grant our wish.”

You will be transported to a room you’ve never seen before. It is a western-style villa. There is one solitary candle in the room.

Step 4: You must start looking for the thumb immediately. You have until the candle burns out to search for the severed thumb.
Step 5: To get back to the villa, you must blow out the candle.

While you are in the villa, looking for the thumb, you may feel someone tap you twice on the shoulder. When this happens, do not look behind you. Otherwise, you will never be able to come back alive.

WARNING: It is extremely important that you do not look behind you. If you do, you will be killed. You will never return from the villa. You will be forced to remain there eternally, tapping people on the shoulder twice and then brutally murdering them. Instead of being just a missing person, you will be a murderer.
If you manage to find the severed thumb, hold it tightly in your hand and then blow out the candle. You will return and your wish will be granted. If you cannot find the thumb, just blow out the candle and return. Do not allow the candle to burn out on its own or you will be stranded in the villa.

The Thumb Game Rules:
1. Do not let go of anyone’s thumb.
2. Do not open your eyes.
3. Do not allow the candle to burn out.
4. Do not look behind you.

The Thumb Game can be very dangerous. We recommend that you do not play it unless you memorize all of the rules beforehand. A mistake could cost you your life.


The Pencil Game

The Pencil Game is an old Mexican tradition supernatural ritual that is used to contact a ghost. It is sometimes called “Six Pencils” or “Charlie, Charlie”

The Pencil Game can only be played by two people. You need six unsharpened pencils.

Step 1: Each person takes three pencils and arranges them to form three sides of a square (as in the picture above). The ends of your pencils should be touching. You should be holding the pencils at the sharpened tip.
Step 2: Both of you say the following chant twice: “Charlie, Charlie, can we play?”
If the pencils move inwards, the answer is YES.
If the pencils move outwards, the answer is NO.

If one side moves inwards and the other moves outwards, it means Maybe, or that the question cannot be answered. Also, up means Yes and down means NO.

Step 3: You ask the spirit of Charlie Yes or No questions. He will indicate his answer by moving the pencils.
To end the game, you both must chant “Charlie, Charlie, can we stop” When the pencil move inwards or upwards, you drop them to the floor and say “Goodbye” to break the contact.



The Japanese version of the Ouija Board is called Kokkuri-san

Two girls, sitting across from each other over a paper scrawled with the hiragana alphabet grasp a pen between them, chanting the name softly. “Kokkuri-san, Kokkuri-san, tell me, when is the date of my death?”

The question hangs in the air as the pen slowly begins to move, spelling the answer out on the sheet of paper. The rest of the group watches in breathless anticipation.

Kokkuri-san, Japan’s answer to the Ouija board, has graced school rooms across the country for years with answers from the beyond.
In this game, the hiragana alphabet is drawn on a piece of paper, and two people hold a pen, ballpoint touching the paper, in the center.
Closing their eyes, they ask “Kokkuri-san” a question, and the spirit is supposed to move the pen in an answer.
According to a Japanese friend, much like Ouija, most people realize that the other person is moving the pen purposefully, but everyone makes their dutiful squeals of “sugoi!” and “kowaii” anyway.
Also, in the line with its Ouija board counterpart, the game has been subject folder for horror movies such as the aforementioned “Shinsei no Toilet no Hanako-san,” and the one called simply “Kokkuri-san”


Mobile Phone Game

This Mobile Phone Game has recently become a popular activity among kids and teenagers at Halloween parties. To play, all you need is your mobile phone and your friends’ numbers.

This Halloween party mobile phone game is sometimes called “Cell Phone Tag” or “Blair Witch Hide and Seek”. It’s a new type of hide and seek game to play using a mobile phone and the land line in your house.
Wait until it’s dark and turn out the lights.

One person runs off and hides somewhere in the house, taking their mobile phone with them.

In the pitch black, everyone goes around the house looking for this one person.

Every so often, the person who is hiding must call the house phone (or the other people’s mobile phones) and give them clues as to where he is hiding.

This game can be very scary, thrilling and fun. The person who is hiding can make it scarier by sending creepy texts or putting on a creepy voice when calling the others. If you have a video camera with night vision, it can be fun to follow the guests around, filming them, and then watch the video later when the game is over.


The One-Man Hide And Seek

The one-man hide and seek, aka the one-man tag, is a ritual for contacting the dead.

The spirits which are wandering restless on the earth are always looking for bodies to possess. In this ritual you summon such a spirit by offering it a doll instead of a human body.

Warning: If you have psychic abilities you may feel unwell or be prone to accidents during the ritual.

Things you need:

+ A Stuffed Doll with limbs
+ Some Rice (enough to stuff the doll full)
+ A Needle and a Crimson Thread
+ A Sharp-Edged Tool (such as a Knife, a Glass Shard, or Scissors)
+ A Cupful of Salt (natural salt would be best)
+ A Hiding Place (preferably a room purified by incense and ofuda)

1. Take all the cotton (or whatever it is stuffed with) out of the doll, and stuff it instead with rice*1.
2. Clip a bit of your nails and put them inside the doll, and sew the opening up with the crimson thread. When you finish sewing, tie up the doll with the rest of the thread *2.
3. Pour water into a bathtub.
4. Place a cup of salt water inside the hiding place.
How To Do It:

1.Give a name to the doll (the name could be anything but your own)
2.When it is 3 am, say to the doll “__(your name) is the first it,” three times.
3.Go to the bathroom and put the doll into the water-filled bathtub.
4.Turn off all lights in the house, go back to the hiding place and switch on the TV.
5.When you have counted ten with your eyes closed, go back to the bathroom with the edged tool (a knife, etc) in your hand.
6.When you get there, say to the doll ,”I have found you, __(the doll’s name),” and stab the doll with the edged tool*3.
7. Say “You are the next it, __(the doll’s name),” as you put the doll back in its place.
8.As soon as you have put the doll down, run back to the hiding place and hide.
How To Finish It:

1. Pour half the cup of salt water into your mouth (don’t drink it; keep it there)*4 and get out of the hiding place and start looking for the doll. The doll is not necessarily in the bathroom. Whatever happens don’t spit out the salt water.
2. When you find the doll, pour the rest of the salt water which is left in the cup over it, and then spray the salt water in your mouth over it as well.
3. Say “I win,” three times.

This supposed to end the ritual.
After this make sure you dry the doll, burn and discard it later.

Please don’t stop this ritual halfway. You must do it through to the end.
This is a dangerous ritual and I will not be responsible for what happens to you if you try.
Other things to keep in mind:
+Don’t go out of the house until you have done the finishing ritual.
+You must turn off all lights.
+Keep quiet while hiding.
+You don’t need to put the salt water in your mouth all the time. You only need to do it during the finishing ritual.
+Remember, if you are living with someone you might put them in danger too.
+Don’t continue this ritual for more than one or two hours.
+For safety reasons, it might be best to keep all the doors in the house unlocked (including your front door) and have some friends close by so that they can come and help you at a moment’s noice, if you ever need them. Keeping a mobile close at hand would be a good idea too.

*1 - the rice represents innards and also has the role of attracting spirits.
*2 - the crimson thread represents a blood vessel. It seals the spirit(s) up inside the doll.
*3 - by cutting the thread off, you break the seal and release the spirit(s) you have trapped.
*4 - if you go out of the hiding place without salt water, you might encounter “something wandering around” in your house which might harm you in some way. Apparently the way to feel the presence of the “something wandering around” is to watch “what happens to the TV.”



The Baby Blue/ Blue Baby Legend or myth concerns a story about a strange game played by kids causes evil baby blue eyes to appear in your arms.

To play “Baby Blue, Blue Baby”, you have to go into the bathroom on your own, turn off the lights and lock the door. Then you stare into the mirror, hold out your arms like you are rocking a baby and repeat the words “ Baby Blue, Blue Baby” 13 times without making a mistake.

If you do it right, you will suddenly feel the weight of an invisible baby in your arms. The baby will get heavier and heavier as it grows larger and larger. You will feel it scratching your arms.

Before it gets too heavy, you have to quickly take the invisible baby, flush it down the toilet and run out of the bathroom. If you don’t do it fast enough, a hideous woman will appear in the mirror. She will yell, “Give me back my baby!” and scream loud enough to break glass. If you are still holding the baby, she will kill you.


Three Kings Ritual

NOTE: ALRIGHT, I will start off by saying that i DO NOT mess with this type of stuff personally….im too chicken. Secondly if anyone is offended by the “magical/mystical references etc I’M sorry but blame my followers because i aim to please majority. Thirdly if ANYONE TRIES THIS i want to kno what happens.

The Ritual

Please Don’t Actually Try This

I’ve been posting bits and pieces of my life here, but I find them a little boring and self-serving (the last one about the juvie incidents was already like 70% made-up, to my shame) so today I’ll post a recipe instead. This is not creepypasta (at least not yet) and I’m writing it from a train in the NYC area.

What I’m about to share with you today is one of the many relatively safe ways in which you can access (not quite enter) a place I call the “Shadowside”, and its effectiveness depends on how seriously you take me; your mileage may vary, refer to title.

I won’t tell you that you shouldn’t be afraid of the Shadowside; chances are you’ve already seen it after all, and merely think it was just a “recurring dream”. I will tell you there is no need to be ignorantly afraid of it, though. There is a difference. Ignorance fuels fear and fear can give that place a lot of juice to run on. You have to be big on preparation if you want to try this. It’s like sky diving: if getting it right on your first try is not something you’re good at, then this is not for you.

If you do drugs or alcohol the night of the event, you’re going to have a bad time. If you’re going through some serious issues in your life and are not feeling mentally or spiritually stable, or if you’re doing this just to escape, you’re going to have a bad time. And if you don’t follow my instructions (particularly the multiple backups I’ll give you, which trust me, are there for a reason) you’re going to really have a bad time. The name of this game is THE THREE KINGS, btw.


A very large empty and quiet room, preferably without windows. If windows exist, you need to be able to cover them and ensure total darkness. Basements usually work well, if they’re roomy enough.

A pack of candles (you’ll only use 1, if all goes well), and a lighter.

A bucket of water and a mug.

A fan.

Two large mirrors (like the one on your dresser. Don’t worry, they won’t be harmed. Or if they are, it’d be the least of your concerns).

Three chairs.

An alarm clock.

An active cell phone (don’t forget to charge the goddamn battery!)

A loved one willing to follow rules and go along with all this madness.

A small toy or dear object from your childhood.


Start setup at around 11 PM. Place one chair in the center of the room, facing north (this is important). Place the other two chairs exactly to the left and right, facing your throne. The distance between your throne and that of your queen and fool should be about the length of your arm to each side, more or less.

Place the two large mirrors on the queen and fool chairs left and right of you, facing you (and each other). Try your best to have them stand at a 90 degree angle (or else you may get more or less than three kings). If you sit on your throne facing straight ahead (north), you should be able to perceive your own reflection in each of the two mirrors without actually having to turn your head nor your eyes to do so. If you see your own reflection in the corner of your eye, just barely there, then you’ve done it right.

Place the bucket of water and the mug in front of you, just barely out of reach.

Place the fan behind you, turn it on. Don’t set it to maximum power -medium or low is usually enough. Leave it on.

Turn off the lights, leave the door open and go to your bedroom.

Set the candles by the side of the bed, next to a lighter, your alarm clock and your cellphone (leave it charging). Set your alarm clock for 3:30 AM.

Turn off the lights and sleep while holding your power object, get some rest.


Wake up at 3:30 AM with your alarm clock. Turn it off, but don’t turn on the light. You have exactly three minutes to light your candle, grab your cellphone, and make your way to the dark room to sit in your throne. You should be seated by 3:33 AM.

Don’t forget your power object!

Check for potential red flags: if your cellphone didn’t charge for whatever reason, abort the mission. If the alarm didn’t go off exactly at 3:30 AM, abort the mission. If you find the dark room door closed (remember you left it open) abort the mission. If the fan is turned off (you left it on) abort the mission.

(Side note: if you have to abort the mission due to any of the above, leave the house with your loved one. Go to a hotel or something. There’s no need to run; you have time to grab a jacket and your keys and what not, but leave. After 6 AM the coast should be clear.)

If all is going as planned, you can proceed and take your throne. DO NOT look directly at either of the two mirrors besides you. DO NOT let the candle go out. The fan is behind you. You must protect the candle with your body, which is standing in between (there’s a reason for this; as you’ll soon see).

Look straight ahead, at the darkness. Not at the candle, not at the mirrors, just straight ahead. Eagle-eyed readers surely noticed I didn’t say during setup which chair was queen and which chair was fool. That’s because it’s your job to find out. And from their point of view, you are either their queen or their fool, too. Hence three kings.

~~ I won’t spoil what happens next. Suffice to say, you won’t be alone and if you have questions, you’ll get answers. Sometimes in the form of new questions, but hey, that’s the story of humanity eh? Just stay put and try not to move. Again, DO NOT look directly at the mirrors, nor the candle. Just straight ahead, trust me. Don’t chicken out either; you need to wait until 4:34. By 4:34 it’s all over. It’s okay to tremble a little bit, just try not to. Not because it affects the ritual or anything -it’s just a pussy thing to do while in polite company.

Did I mention not to let the candle go out? That’s what the fan is for. You’re protecting the candle with your body, but if your body were to be suddenly moved then the fan would turn off the candle. That’s backup number 1. Your loved one is backup number 2: at 4:34 she has to come in the room and call your name. If that won’t work, she has to call your cellphone. If that won’t work, she has the glass of water and the bucket. She can’t touch you though -that’s a newbie mistake. Backup number 3 is your item of power, the toy, or locket or whatever object of strength you brought along for the ride. It’ll show you the way if SHTF.

Multiple back ups. You gotta be like a boy scout if you do these things. If you half-ass it, half-ass it all the way so that it won’t work. Worst you can do is take it seriously enough for it to work and not seriously enough to be prepared for the consequences.


White Kimono

The White kimono is a scary ritual from Japan that enables you to summon a ghost.

Warning: This ritual is said to be very dangerous and if you perform it, you are putting your life at risk. If you make even one mistake, it could prove to be fatal. If your shoulders begin to feel stiff or heavy, you should stop immediately and not continue. All of the Japanese sites I have seen describing this ritual say “Absolutely do not try this”. In my opinion, you should heed their warning and never try it at all.

Step 1. Between the hours of 2:00-3:00 AM, before you go to sleep, lie down on your bed. Starting at the north corner of your bedroom ceiling, slowly look at the four corners of the ceiling one by one, going anti-clockwise. Repeat this three times.

Step 2. With your arms crossed over your chest, chant the following three times: “On be iroki yamashironi sowaka”

Step 3. Imagine a woman with long, black hair slowly creeping towards you. She is dressed in a white kimono that is covered in blood.

Step 4. Keep imagining the woman creeping closer and closer until she appears to be right in front of your eyes.

Step 5. Uncross your arms, turn off the lights and make the room as dark as possible. Then go to sleep.

A woman in a white kimono covered in blood will appear in your dreams.

1. If the woman comes close to you, you must absolutely never speak to her.

2. The woman may ask for your name, but you must absolutely never answer her.

3. If the woman begins to mutter something in your right ear, shake your right hand. This should make you wake up.

4. When you wake up, if you don’t see the black shadow of a woman in any of the corners of the room, that means you are safe.

Note: I don’t know what the chant “On be iroki yamashironi sowaka” means. This is the original phrase in Japanese: “おんべいろきゃましろにそわか”


Black Phone

The Black Phone is a scary ritual or paranormal game from Japan. In Japanese, it is called “How to call the distortion room”. Basically, it is a method of going to Another World, using a black telephone instead of an elevator.

To play the Black Phone game, you need a pen, a piece of paper, a black, old-style dial telephone and two pieces of black string (over 40cm).

Before you play:

1: The only people in the house should be the people who are playing the game.

2: The house should have at least 4 rooms.

3: Shut all the doors and close all the curtains in the house.

4: Turn off every light in the house except for the lights in the room (or hallway) where the telephone is.

5: The ritual will not work if you have salt with you (or any other thing that inhibits the supernatural or wards off evil spirits).


Step 1: Tie one piece of string tightly around the telephone handset so that it cannot be removed.

Step 2: Hold the handset away from your face and dial the following numbers: 2-0-4-0-6-0-8-0. Hang up the handset. Pick up the handset again and dial the following numbers: 2-5-5-1-5-8-2-3. Then leave the phone off the hook. Even if somebody answers, do not speak to them.

Step 3: As quietly as possible, go into the nearest room and close the door. Wait for one minute.

Step 4: Return to the black phone and repeat Step 2 again.

Step 5: As quietly as possible, go into the second nearest room and close the door. Wait for one minute.

Step 6: Return to the black phone and repeat Step 2 again.

Step 7: As quietly as possible, go into the third nearest room and close the door. Wait for one minute.

Step 8: Return to the black phone and dial the following numbers: 2-2-8-2-2.

Step 9: With your eyes shut, go into the fourth nearest room and close the door.

Step 10: As soon as you enter, use the second piece of string to tie a knot around the doorknob in a “double 8″.

Step 11: Open your eyes. Do not utter a word, no matter what.

Step 12: Open the curtains. If the glass in the windows has turned black, then you have succeeded in travelling to another world. (The Japanese source says “you have succeeded in calling the distortion”).

“How to end”:

If you want to return to your own world:

1: Look for a note containing an 8-digit number that is hidden somewhere in the room.

2: When you find the note, keep your eyes closed, repeat the 8-digit number over and over in your head and grasp strongly the black string on the doorknob.

3: Do not answer if someone or something speaks to you. Do not let go of the doorknob, even if someone or something pulls your body.

4: Keep repeating the 8-digit number over and over in your head, no matter how many times it takes, until it seems like you are back in your own world. Then, open the door.

5: If the windows of the other rooms are still black, then it means you still have not returned to your own world.

You must burn the note containing the number to ashes within 7 days. Put the ashes in a black bag or wrap them in paper and carry them with you.

After that, it says, you will “encounter strange phenomenen” and when you encounter these phenomenen, it says, “your happiness will be reduced”.


How To See a Ghost

How to see a ghost is a scary game or ritual from Japan that allows you to catch sight of a real spirit of the dead. You can play this game on your own and find out if you have the ability to see dead people. Don’t blame me if you discover your house is haunted.

How to see a ghost – Instructions
Step 1: You must be alone in the house. Find a quiet place. You can sit down in a chair or lie on a bed.

Step 2: Close your eyes and visualize the house where you were born and raised.

Step 3: Imagine that you are standing outside the house, at the front door. Open the door and walk into the house.

Step 4: Go around the house in clockwise direction, opening all of the windows, one by one.

Step 5: Now, go back, retracing your steps in an anti-clockwise direction, closing all the windows, one by one.

Step 6: Leave the house via the front door and then open your eyes.

Don’t continue reading unless you have completed all the steps above.

Now, here is the question:

While you were walking around the house in your imagination, did you notice any strange figures lurking in any of the rooms?

The strange figure you saw was a ghost…


Red Man

Warning: I have no idea whether or not it is safe to play the Red Man game. I don’t know who or what the mysterious “Red Man” is or what he will do when he comes. The Japanese sources don’t say…

How to call the Red Man:

You will need a sheet of paper, a scissors, red lipstick, five candles and two mirrors.

This game must only be played after dark and before dawn.

Step 1: Take the sheet of paper and cut out the shape of a paper man.

Step 2: Using the pen, draw a line down the back of the paper man. Write your own name on the left side and write the word “Rubeus” on the right side. (“Rubeus” is Latin for “Red”).

Step 3: Arrange the two mirrors so that they are face to face with a gap between them.

Step 4: Using the lipstick, draw a pair of red eyes on the mirror on the left. The eyes should be at the center of the top half of the mirror.

Step 5: Position the paper man so that he is lying face-down between the two mirrors. The mirror with the red eyes should be on his left and the normal mirror should be on his right.

Step 6: Place the candles around the paper man in a circle, in the following order: Imagine the face of a clock. The paper man’s head is pointing to 12 and the legs are pointing to 6. Place the first candle at 12, the second at 2, the third at 5, the fourth at 7 and the fifth at 10.

Step 7: Turn off any lights.

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Step 8: Light the candles in the following order: 7, 12, 5, 10, 2.

Step 9: Using the scissors, cut the paper man down the middle.

Step 10: Move the left half towards the mirror on the left and the right half towards the mirror on the right. Both halves of the paper man should still be within the circle of candles.

Step 11: Close your eyes and repeat the following 6 times: “Please come. Please come. I will not move until you come.”

Step 12: Extinguish the candles in the following order: 12, 7, 2, 10, 5.

The game is over and the Red Man will appear in the room.


1: Once you start playing the Red Man game, you must not stop until it is over.

2: You must place the candles, light them and extinguish them in the exact order given above.

3: Do not let any daylight enter the mirror during the game. (That’s why you can only play after dark and before dawn). It is possible to play the game during the day, but you must be in a place that is in complete darkness.

4: Only the person or people who want to meet the Red Man should be in the room during the game. Anyone who does not want to meet the Red Man should wait outside until the game is over.

5: Whatever happens, do not allow yourself to see your own face reflected in the mirror during the game.

6: After you finish playing the Red Man game, you need to dispose of the paper and candles by burying them.

Warning: Again, I don’t know who the Red Man is. I don’t know what he does when he appears. I would advise you not to play this game because it could be extremely dangerous…


Dry Bones

Warning: The Dry Bones ritual is a very dangerous game and we strongly advise you not to play it. By dabbling with the occult and contacting demons, you are messing with things you don’t understand. You could wind up losing your mind, being killed or worse, losing your soul.

The Dry Bones ritual must be played alone. All you need is a bathroom, a mirror, a candle and a box of matches.

1. Too prepare, close all the doors and windows in your house. Close all cupboards, closets, wardrobes and cabinets also. Turn off all the lights in the house, including televisions and computer screens.

2. Begin the game at 12:01 AM, not a minute sooner or later. Go into your bathroom and look into the mirror. Make sure that everything is completely silent. If you hear any strange noises, it means HE is already there. Abort the game and leave the house immediately. That means that “he” is already there.

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3. Think of something that you want. This will be your prize if you win.

4. Strike a match and light the candle. DO NOT blow out the match yourself. Wait for it to burn out on its own. If the match last 15 seconds or more, then you may continue.

5. Lie down on the floor and recite the following words: “I am aware of your presence and I welcome you into my home. Come now”.

6. Go to the largest room in your house and wait. How long this takes can vary widely. For some, it may take hours and for others it could take minutes. You have to be patient. When HE is ready, you will hear a faint moaning sound. If you hear anything else, abort the game and leave the house immediately.

7. When you hear the moaning begin, you must run and hide. Stay in your hiding place and pray HE doesn’t find you. To win the game, you must remain hidden until 3:00 AM. During the time that you are hidden, HE will be searching for you. Remain absolutely quiet and do not make any noise. Try not to make any quick movements or it will be easier for him to find you.

8. When the clock strikes 3:00 AM, the game is over and it is safe to come out. Return to the largest room in your house and say “Thank you for playing, but you must leave now. You are no longer welcome”. You will hear a groan and HE will leave. If you managed to hide successfully, you have won the game and your prize will be waiting outside your front door the next morning.

However, the question is this: Is any prize really worth the risk of what could happen to you if you lose?


Six Murders

Six Murders is a scary ritual or paranormal curse from Japan. If this ritual is performed, it causes someone to die within six days. This ritual should never be performed under any circumstances.

The Six Murders ritual:

Warning: This is for the purposes of information only. You should never actually do the things described in this ritual.

Step 1: Find a lonely place where there is nobody around and you cannot be seen by anyone.

Step 2: Draw a circle on the ground with your finger. Take off your shoes and socks and stand barefoot in the middle of the circle.

Step 3: Prick the tip of your finger with a knife and let a drop of blood fall to the ground at your feet.

Step 4: Say the following in your mind: “One person is not enough. Two people are not enough. Three people are not enough. Four people are not enough. Five people are not enough. I want six.”

Step 5: Chop off your finger at the base.

Step 6: Bury your finger within the circle and leave. (When you leave, the first 6 steps you take must be in the direction you are facing. After that, you can go in whatever direction you like).

After this, the sixth person you encounter (in person or on the phone) will die within six days. Only the sixth person will die. No other people will be affected.

You must remain silent from the time you prick your finger until the time you encounter the sixth person. If you say even one word during this time, you will be the one who dies.

You must not be seen by anyone from the time you step into the circle until the time you step out. It is unknown what will happen if you are seen…


Love Me Game

Raku-nene is an evil spirit from the Gilbert Islands in the Pacific Ocean (sometimes called The South Seas). There was a popular ritual that was often used by the islanders. It involved calling this evil spirit to find out if someone was in love with them.

To find out if a girl or boy loves you or not, you can ask the spirit of Raku-nene.

You take a long leaf, preferably a coconut leaf, and tear it down the middle, being careful to stop before you tear it in half completely. Then, you hold it between the finger and thumb of your right hand and gently stroke it as you whisper the following chant:

“Tell me Raku-nene.
Tell me if she loves me.
Tell me if she hates me.
Tell me, tell me, tell me.”

After you repeat this chant three times, tear the leaf in half. Then, wrap each half of the leaf around both of your index fingers and compare them. If the tips of the leaves are the same height, he or she hates you. If the tips are different heights, they love you.

Of course, Raku-nene could also be used for evil purposes. If a boy or girl was rejected by the they loved, they could summon Raku-nene to take revenge.

To perform this ritual, you have to take a hair from the boy or girl’s head and wrap it around your thigh. You have to keep it there for three days and on the morning of the fourth day, burn it on a pile of leaves.

Performing this ritual will invoke the spirit of Raku-nene to punish the boy or girl who rejected you. It causes them to rip off their clothes, disfigures them, tortures them and eventually kills them.

Years ago, a British officer who was stationed in the Gilbert Islands claimed to have witnessed a death caused by Raku-nene. One afternoon, a young girl was found lying naked on her bedroom floor, moaning in pain. Her face was burning hot and her body was terribly swollen. Her eyes were wide open, staring straight ahead into space and her pupils were distended.

When he asked why nobody was trying to help her, the locals told him that there was nothing they could do for her. A boy she rejected had cursed her and sent Raku-nene to kill her. She was as good as dead and there was no way to save her.

The girl began violently thrashing back and forth, clawing at her own flesh and biting anyone who dared to come near her. Suddenly, she started shrieking, “Raku-nene! Raku-nene!” over and over. Then, as he watched in horror, her body went stiff and she died.

Later, when an autopsy was performed, no cause of death could be found. The girl was perfectly healthy. There was no reason for her to have died, but yet she was dead.

As time went by, this ritual became so popular and there were so many deaths caused by it that the government of the Gilbert Islands outlawed it and anyone who tried to invoke the spirit of Raku-nene was sent to jail.

Note: If the love of your life rejects you, we recommend that you DO NOT summon Raku-nene to kill them.


Bloody Mary Arm Raising Trick

This is a supernatural game, where you’ll actually feel your arms being physically lifted by an invisible week. It literally did work for me and my friends when we tried this.

You need two people. Someone to be the guide and the other to be the one whose going to go through with the game.

The guide should tell the other person to relax
Tell them to close their eyes
Tell them to imagine themselves in a white dress/suit in a white house
Tell them to count to 10 and then stomp their foot
Make sure their eyes are still closed
Snap your fingers 10 times in each of their ears
Then criss-cross their arms over and under ten times
Next instruct them to count to 5 and then stomp their foot
Snap your finger 5 times in each ear of their ears
Then criss-cross their arms over and under 5 times
Repeat the same processes except 2 times
Then say “Repeat after me: Bloody Mary, Blood Mary, raise my arms at the end of this game.”
They should repeat the statement above
They should then feel someone raise their arms


Black Mirror

Black Mirror is a method of contacting a ghost.

This game is really simple to play.

All you need is a mirror, a dark room, a comfortable chair and a dim lightbulb or a candle.

Step 1: Find a dark, empty room and place a mirror high up on the wall. Angle the mirror so that nothing is reflected but darkness.

Step 2: Light a candle or turn on a light that has the same brightness as a single candle.

Step 3: Place the chair in the middle of the room, sit down and make yourself comfortable.

Step 4. Relax and gaze deeply into the mirror. Think of the dead person you want to see. Don’t think about anything else, just clear your mind and concentrate only on the person you are trying to contact and that person only.

The spirit of the dead person should appear to you, just be patient.

When Ron Moody was conducting experiments using this method, he led 300 people through these steps. It had an 80% success rate.


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