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Across the meadow and straight ahead

There’s a gumdrop village where laughter is spread.

The teddy bear boys and rag doll girls
Play games and run and dance and twirl.

They drink mugs of hot coco and eat gingerbread pie
And giggle with glee as the fairies fly by.

And as the bubblegum day turns to blueberry night
They all skip to bed and snuggle in tight.

But this night is different and equally strange
For this is the night when the moon starts to change.

The milky white surface grows purple and brown
And spreads forth its tendrils and sends them straight down
To lurk through the forest and meadow and streets
Seeking the sweetest of after-dark treats.

The moon’s writhing tentacles burst into houses
Dragging away froggies and dollies and mouses
Coiling around ponies and velveteen bears
They lift them up screaming to their home in the air.

The victims are tossed to the purplish ground
As the roiling feelers thrash all around.

Teddies and fairies can scarce run away
‘Fore the ghouls and the goblins come out to play.

Corralling the darlings with pitchforks and claws
They shove them all wailing down the moon’s gaping maws.

Their shrieks and their screams soon die in the night
And the ghouls run away and the moon turns to white.

And the lemondrop sun brings the safety of day
And those who survived run outside to play.

They don’t cry or whimper or mourn all their dead
But decide to play tag and eat cookies instead.

One night of horror for a year filled with play.
It’s a terrible price but they’re willing to pay.

Credits to: Lloiu


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