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I lay in bed in my dark, pitch black room again facing a wall trying to sleep. I realize that I can’t fall asleep no matter the wait, so I start to observe things.

I realise that it’s so dark that I can’t tell whether my eyes are open or closed, aside from the feeling of my eyelids moving. I can’t see any outlines as I slowly turn my head around, I can’t even see my hand that is 6 inches in front of my face.

I start to play with my hand by moving it side to side, closer and farther from my face, blowing at it and realizing… What if there is another hand there instead of mine? I’d never be able to tell due to the lack of any light into room. More thoughts start to pop up.

I start to freak out and my mind enhances all the little itches you get when trying to sleep, making me think there’s someone or something touching me that I’m not able to see. I lay frozen, facing the wall again, unable to move no matter how much I try.

I start to imagine a hand just in front of my face… and grabbing my face.

Freaking out by violently jerking out of bed falling on the ground, I crawl on the floor and awakened my brother, whom I share a bedroom with.

“What the hell is wrong with you?!” He exclaims, while I stay there looking at my bed, panting and trying to catch my breath from what felt like a heart attack from the fright.

Soon after that thought ended, I feel as if there is a presence in front of my face. My heart starts to race faster and faster the more I feel the presence getting slowly and slowly closer, lingering to reach my face as in my thoughts. I panic realizing that I can’t move. I blow just a little to see if any wind would hit me back, letting me know if it was close to me.

It grabs my face. The hand from my thoughts covers my entire face as I’m unable to make a sound I start to have a heart attack in my bed.

I had been so caught up in my own head of what could happen in the darkest of dark and what lays there dormant waiting for the right time, that I had forgotten to realize it was my own hand grabbing my face and reenacting my thoughts.

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