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Nightly Ritual

You are preparing to go to bed. It was a tiring day and you are alone in the house because everyone was out for a night swim, you couldn’t come because of school. It has been your nightly ritual to check on your e-mail before going to bed. You open your account, there is one new message on your inbox. It is from an unfamiliar e-mail address. You click it and it has an audio file attached to it. You open the audio file.

The few seconds are all but silence. For a moment you thought it’s just another spam e-mail, but it was on your inbox not in spam. You are about to close your laptop when you heard static and noise as if a man was carrying the audio device. After a loud thud you hear a man crying on the background. You start to feel your spine getting cold.

You can hear the man’s shriveling cry. You know he is scared and trembling. And then you hear him scream. You almost jumped out of your desk. You want to turn the player off but you’re too curious to stop listening. Then you heard what seemed to be a blade slicing through a flesh.

The man made a long groan and then a long painful scream. You feel the scream wrapping up your body and you start sweating. And then you heard the man speak. He was begging whoever was cutting him to stop. You know who it could be. He was out with everybody else in the house. Your hand started to get clammy, you are terrified but somehow you couldn’t stop listening.

You hear screams of agony as you hear the blade cut and slash one flesh to another. The man started to gag, you don’t know why but he is obviously choking. And then there was silence. You thought it was over until you hear a door opening and a screaming lady being dragged on the floor. Her screams are mad, it was a scream of a person in utter fear. The voice was familiar.

You feel fear start crawling under your skin. Your stomach start to ache and you start to breathe hard. It took you everything to click the pause button. You stood up trembling. You paced along the room not exactly sure what to do or think. Your family never called you that day, you thought they were having so much fun they forgot. The silence was deafening. The house was dark and sinister.

You picked up your phone. You were about to dial your father’s number when your laptop made a sound. You checked. Another new e-mail arrived in your inbox. It is from the same e-mail address. You open it.

It is a video file.


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