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My Roommate

Back when I was in college, I had a roommate called Tim. We were best friends since high school and had decided to buy an apartment and split the rent. Tim was was like a brother to me, y'know the kind of friend you can have deep physiological conversations with without being embarrassed, and me and Tim had gotten in to a really bad habit of having these conversations really  late at night (I mean like 4:00AM).

‘Why can’t we have these conversations during the day?’ You ask. Well, Tim’s classes started a lot earlier than mine did. He had totally different classes and I had a part-time job at this Chinese food place. It was called Wang Li or something like that.

So by the time I had gotten home, Tim was all ready in his bed. So without turning the lights on, I would undress and get in to my bed and by the time I had done this, Tim would have woke up. So then we would start talking, about whatever: we talked about video games, anime, or even random stuff like how our universe is probably in a jar on a shelf in a alien child’s room and that it was a science project they got a C on. Like I said: whatever.

One night I came home and spoke to Tim and I noticed something strange. Tim spoke to me as usual- but his voice sounded strange, deeper and breathless. I asked him if anything was wrong, but he said he just had a bad cold so we kept talking. As the night went on, I started to realize that it was not only his voice, but what he was talking about was strange too. Death was talked about often and I got a little freaked.

This continued for a week. One day, when it was lunch break I picked up and was reading the newspaper from a week ago and there written on the front page: “COLLEGE STUDENT FOUND DEAD IN APARTMENT”.

I kept reading and almost collapsed when I read this part: “Student Tim Duncan found dead in his apartment with his throat slit and stab wounds all over his body”. And then it hit me…

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