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I’ve experienced it myself. I first saw her at Starbucks. She was radiant. Pure skinned, blonde haired, with bright blue eyes and no makeup to speak of. She was truly a natural beauty. I nearly dropped my Latte upon seeing here. She almost seemed lost, looking around. Was she looking for someone? I thought about going up and talking to her, but then a much older man walked over to her from the bathrooms and grabbed her hand. She smiled up at him as if he were God himself and I must admit, I have never felt more jealous in my life. That’s where my obsession began.

So I went home, but I just couldn’t get that girl off my mind. I argued with myself. One part of me said “Matt, forget it. She’s spoken for.” while another part said “But it doesn’t hurt to try, right? I didn’t see a ring on her hand!” I argued with myself for hours before deciding that I at least needed to know her name. Maybe knowing that would settle this rising obsession that captivated my very soul. So the next day, I returned to Starbucks, hoping I’d see her again.

I ordered the same Latte as the first time. Sat in the same spot as before. I waited. I sat there for probably four hours before almost giving up hope when she walked through the door with the same man. She looked just as radiant as before, but I couldn’t bring myself to go speak to her. So I just stared, trying not to look creepy. As I watched the man order for her (hot chocolate, how cute), my mind ran a million miles a minute. “She’s going to leave! Go talk to her!” But I couldn’t. So I devised another plan. I’d get into my car and follow them home when they finally left.

They stopped a few places, but eventually headed to a nice little house with a picket fence on the better side of town. They went inside together. Damn, she must live with him. My stomach sank, but I stayed. I just wanted to see how her life was. So I stayed parked across the street from her house all night. I leaned my seat all the way back, but I didn’t sleep. I thought of the wonderful life we’d have together. Falling in love with her. Kissing her eyes. Her falling in love with me. Keeping her forever.

Around 8 AM, she and the man left the house, so I followed. He dropped her off at a big school. Wow, an educated chick. Incredible. I was falling more in love. I sat outside for a few more hours after he drove away when I saw her come out. This was my chance. This was the only time I could catch her alone. I had to make her see. I had to make her love me. I walked across the street and towards where she sat. Her short little legs dangled from the swing. Her tiny sneakers, scuffed. She looked at me and smiled and my heart soared. I noticed a teacher staring at me, alarmed that an adult man was daring to step foot on the playground. I didn’t care. She was all mine now. No one could stop me.

Credits to: rydenanne


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