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Little Dead

What many people don’t realize is…. I died, in the woods, on my way to Grandma’s, I died.
No, it wasn’t the wolf. It was an accident, on my way over the river I slipped, and bumped my head on some rocks. The Wolf was framed.
The day began like any other, the sun was shining, the birds were singing their melodious song, and I was to take a basket of goodies to my grandmother. The day was so nice that I decided to wear my short hooded cape, the one that only covered my shoulders. After tying the ribbon around my neck, I kissed my mother goodbye, grabbed my basket and headed into the woods. I chose to take a short cut today as I was kind of in a hurry- I wanted to get Grandma out of the way early so I could spend the rest of the day with my beau.
The shortcut was as safe as any other and I had taken it many times before. It consisted of going over the river and through the woods, in opposed to taking the road and crossing the bridge which puts me at least a mile out of my way on either side if the river. I half skipped and half ran, humming along with the birds as I made my way through the woods. When I’d reached the bank of the river, I looked for the sweet spot where the rocks were the sturdiest and closest together and began to make my way across, and that’s when it happened.

I got distracted by the most vivid blue butterflies I’d ever seen. I stopped to watch them dancing on the breeze and I thought to myself- this day is going to be perfect- however my next step wasn’t. Normally I’ll tread my way carefully. However, today I was floating on a cloud, or at least had my head in it. I didn’t notice the stone had been covered in slippery moss until I was falling, and I watched my basket float downstream as I was pulled under by the rivers’ strong current.

But you see after I drowned I still made it to Grandma’s.

The next thing I remembered was standing at the edge of the clearing looking at the little cottage that belonged to her, and the most wondrous smell drifting out of it. I was pulled in by that delectable scent as I made my way to the house. I could see she had been waiting for me. She opened the door on my approach and reached out for a hug.

As I leaned in, she realized a little too late and was oblivious to the ravenous look in my eyes. I let out a loud growl as I bit into her neck, severing her carotid artery. I heard a voice call out to her from behind me. It was the woods man who was apparently in the area. He was always in the area as he lived there with my grandmother. Damn- I’d forgotten about him.

Upon hearing the growl, he ran to her aid. I still had enough wit about me to realize how I would look standing there tearing my grandmothers throat out. I dropped to my knees and pulled my hood up and let out a few moans pretending to be grieving over her and he readily assumed that the Wolf was at fault, and took off after him.

I strongly believed that the woods man was grandmas’ boy toy, although she had to be a least 40 years his senior. But who was I to complain about her twisted liaisons?

After he left, I conveniently took a few more bites out of my Grandma before cleaning myself up a little. Then, I took off in the other direction also seeking the wolf. You see, I had a sordid affair of my own going on, and I knew exactly where to find him.

Our fling had originated as an arrangement of sorts which was established around me seeing my grandmother and making it back in one piece. Our relationship had grown from our previous contract into something real, In turn he was a kinder gentler wolf, he hadn’t hurt anybody since our entanglement began, and we had started talking about a life together, settling down maybe having a pup or two.

”Red! You’re late” the Wolf saw me coming and ran out to meet me. “I was getting worried.”

“How late am I?” I thought I asked, but he looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language.

“Red, are you high or something?” he took the time to scrutinize me. “Why are your eyes so red?”

“I don’t know “ I tried to reply. It ended up sounding more like “ aahhh un nuh”

“Red, why is your speech so slurred?”

I was done talking, I grabbed him and dragged his ass back to his cabin, not unlike my Grandma’s. I tried to explain to him what was going on. I wanted us to run away together but he couldn’t grasp what I was saying. I tried to tell him about the woods man, and what happened with my grandma. I was getting frustrated trying to explain, he couldn’t comprehend as he didn’t speak zombie.

I snapped, and tore a chunk out of his shoulder but he was no old lady. He fought back, and he might have gotten the best of me, but got concerned when my arm fell off and stop fighting me.

”What the fuck?” As he leaned in for a closer look I took the opportunity to go for his throat, needless to say it worked again. I devoured him. I guess I was still hungry after my Grandma appetizer.

It sounded like the woods man had gathered himself an angry mob, and they were advancing on the cabin fast. I had to get out of there. I ran out the back door leaving my arm in the middle of the floor, what was I to do? I knew I couldn’t outrun them. I was getting slower by the minute, I guess being dead will do that to you.

I remembered the little storm shelter ol’ Wolfy had from the dark days when people went missing in the woods all the time. I knew no one knew about it because although they had their suspicions, no one could ever prove it was him. I started looking for the trap door that would lead me down to safety. All I could remember was it was being about a hundred feet from the house. I was shuffling around looking for the door when I heard the woods man yell “He got Red too, burn it to the ground!”

In a state of panic, I found the trapdoor in a nick of time. Right after I let the door fall shut behind me, I heard the mob stampeding over my head. Hypothetically I wasn’t out of the woods yet. I still had to make my way to the hidden alcove in the back, and when I got there I could relax. I made way to the back of the room and pressed the concealed button over the door frame. The wall slid open and I fell in. As the wall closed behind me, I could hear them opening the hatch.

“Is he in there?”

“What do you see?”

“No it’s empty, a room and nothing more.”

As the voices drifted away, I picked up one of Wolf’s notebooks and a pen, and slid to the floor.

Here I sit with one of Wolf’s old journals’ in my lap and write my last coherent thoughts. Soon, I will not be able to open the hatch from the outside. It is too heavy and I fear it will rip my other arm free. When I leave here, it will be for good.

I am hoping to survive off the land by eating small forest animals and the occasional passerby. But for now, I’ll eat this small child that fell out of me.

Huh. I guess we were closer to that life then we ever knew.

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