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I was home alone one night reading my book when I got a message from my phone.

BUZZZZ The message was from an anonymous person. The message read: DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR! I was about to discard the message thinking it was just a prank message when there were two knocks on the door.


I went downstairs assuming it was my parents when I received another text message from the same unknown messenger: THIS IS YOUR NEIGHBOR WE ARE HERE TO WARN YOU THERE IS A SERIAL KILLER ON THE LOOSE PRETENDING TO BE THE POLICE SO THEY CAN GET IN! PLEASE DO NOT OPEN THAT DOOR FOR YOUR SAKE

I froze in my tracks and that’s when I heard “This is the police! open the door and let me in!” I remembered the message and hesitated in my tracks. “I know you are in there! Just let me in!”

I started to back away from the door. I was to afraid to do anything “LET ME IN! THERE IS A SERIAL KILLER ON THE LOOSE!!” the voice said on the other side. I hid in the kitchen with a knife clutched in my hands ready to pounce. Thankfully the person on the other side of the door gave up thinking there was no one home and the knocking ceased.

That’s when I received one more message on my phone: “Now that the police is gone, we can have fun!”

Credits to: Kristine_Murray


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