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I have been seeing this girl for around 9 months now. She is a wonderful person, always been the light of my day. She has her quirks, but everyone does; that is just what makes us who we are. One of quirks is her sleep texting. I will wake up in the morning to usually 3 or 4 text messages from her. Most of the time it is just a gargled message of auto-corrects and letters jumbled into nonsensible words. Most of the time.

That was until last night. It was around 3 AM I believe, when I was woken by my phone vibrating. I rolled over and picked my phone up to see that I had received a text from my girlfriend. A part of me thought about not even looking at it and just going back to sleep. The paranoid, anxiety driven part of me however, wanted to know if something was wrong. So I opened the text message.


That was all it said. I found this particularly odd for several reasons. One being that the message made decent sense; I mean it was my name. However, my girlfriend never calls me Tom it is always Thomas. My curiosity got the better of me and I responded. Almost immediately after I sent the text, I received one


The hair stood up on the back of my spine. I felt a cold shiver and my stomach tossed. I immediately stood up, got changed and got into my car. It was only a short drive to her house, but if felt like hours. I decided I would phone her on the way to her house.


The line connected. On the other side I couldn’t hear anything except for heavy breathing. I said hello several times, as panic and fear overtook me. As I said hello for the fourth time I heard something. I heard the sound of feet shuffling and then a deep, loud, hysterical laugh. I screamed into the phone demanding to know who had my girlfriend’s phone. But it was too late, they hung up. I arrived at my girlfriend’s house at this time.

I threw my car into park and ran up her walkway. I unlocked the door quicker then I ever have before. I ran into her room expecting a horrible scene. What I saw next blew me away. 

My girlfriend was lying in her bed, sleeping. I slowly walked towards her and woke her up. As she awoke she was surprised to see me, which I found incredibly odd. I asked her if she was alright and she responded with “yes” in a quiet annoyed tone. I checked her phone but there was no record of the text messages, or the phone calls. I checked underneath her bed, and the rest of the house. But I didn’t find anything out of the ordinary. Was I just imagining things? Did I imagine all the text messages and the phone call? 

Nonetheless, I stayed with my girlfriend for about an hour, who fell back into deep sleep almost immediately. When my panic and anxiety slowly died down, I stood up from her bed and showed my way out of the house. As I walked down the path I ran through what just occurred over and over again in my mind.

The drive home still took longer then usual. My mind still was racing over the possible scenarios that could have played out. As I pulled into the driveway I felt the vibration of my phone in my jean pocket. Fear once again crept up on me as I slid open the message from my girlfriend.

“You forgot to check the closet”

Credits to: ThePanicPanda77


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