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It was another typical day and I had just finished dinner, moms old recipe for spaghetti, my favorite. I washed the dishes and went to my room to change into my jogging outfit. 

I was in my car on my way to the high school driving track when I heed a screeching sound. I instantly hit the brakes as a speeding car ran his red light and nearly took out the drivers side of my car. I rolled my eyes and continued on my way to the track.

Once I had my car parked I walked to the track. Apparently I wasn’t alone, and some other people were there, just lazily walking around. I shrugged and started jogging around the track, dodging each person that I passed.

It wasn’t until my third time around the track I noticed something off about the people on the track. I stopped to take a breath and started walking. It felt nice to be lazy for a moment.

That’s when I herd it. There was a quiet voice calling out my name. I looked around but didn’t see anyone looking at me. I looked harder, and that’s when realization hit me. Each of these people, had rotting flesh, and a bloody gash somewhere on their body. Frozen in horror I looked about at all the mangled faces. I stopped at one, it looked so familiar. Another long look and I realized why, “MOM!?” I yelled. No, it couldn’t have been my mother. She died in a drunk driving accident two years ago. But there she stood, a bloody gash in her head. 

I screamed and she looked at me, I couldn’t hear it over my screams, but I could tell she called out my name. I was so scared that I started running. I had to get out of there, so I ran to where I parked my car. But my car wasn’t there, “FUCK!” I yelled, and started running down the street. 

After just a little while of running I felt a terrible pain in my stomach. Probably just some bad ingredients in the spaghetti. I looked down at my stomach in the darkness and noticed that I had a whole bunch of the red sauce on my shirt. That wasn’t my concern though, my priorities were still on running home and calling the police to report my missing car.

I ran a little while longer, taking the same route I took to get to the track, to run home. I saw flashing lights ahead and slowed down. Looking ahead I saw there was a car accident in the same place that speeding car almost hit me. I frowned and walked up trying to get a good look at the accident through the glare of the lights. Another sharp pain hit my stomach and I doubled over, but soon collected myself and trekked forward.

I herd two police officers talking, “Poor girl.” “Coroner says she died on impact.” “Most likely felt the shard of glass go through her stomach before she died though.” I frowned and walked forward, “Hey what happened?” I called out.

The two police officers took one look at me and pulled out their guns. With two guns aimed at me, my hands flew up into the air. Both cops looked terrified to see me, “What the fuck!?” One yelled, “Back the fuck up!!” The other practically screeched. I took a step back, but took a peek in the car. 

I froze in horror at what I saw. There I was. My mangled corpse sitting in the drivers side of my car. A bloody shard of glass in my stomach, and wide empty eyes starring at nothing as blood still seeped onto my jogging suit.


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