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My roommate Ashley is ridiculously clumsy. Poor thing. She trips, stumbles, and breaks things all the time. And, bless her heart, she’s terrible at cleaning up. Socks and shoes are mandatory in the kitchen.

“Don’t worry!” She shouted down the hall towards my room. I had heard the crash in the kitchen and was getting up to investigate.

“What happened?” I hollered back.

Apparently she’d broken a glass on the shelf.

“I’m cleaning it up!” She announced. I didn’t even give it a second thought and went back to my show. When it was on commercial, I got up to get a drink. I grabbed my favorite glass, a blue tinted mason jar, out of the cabinet and poured myself a large glass of sweet tea.

Man. Northerners don’t know what they’re missing! I thought to myself, swallowing another chunk of ice. As I crunched it between my teeth, a terrible realization struck me.

I didn’t get any ice.

Credits to: krshann


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