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I had never seen a ghost before, but that was about to change. I was the last one at the party to see it.

At first I was wondering why everybody was screaming and sprinting out of the mansion, until I heard a girl yell out “GHOST!” There had to be close to 100 people here, and they were all stampeding out the front door.

But I wanted to see the spirit that everyone was screaming about, how many people get a chance to witness that? So I slipped my way through the herds of people as they all ran towards the door in a chaotic frenzy. It took a long time but I checked every room in the mansion. I found nothing.

Where did everyone see this thing? When everyone was in a panic I saw people in every room freaking out and running away. Why can’t I find it?

I ventured into the third story bathroom since it was the only place I could think of that I hadn’t checked out yet.

When I entered it, I gazed into the mirror above the sink.

Like I said, I had never seen a ghost before, but that changed.

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