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Hypno in pokemon FireRed is #97 in the Pokedex. Saying in the entry "It carries a pendulum-like device. There once was an incident in which it took away a child it hypnotized." I didn't expect what I would find when I played a FireRed rom I had uncovered on the web. I was excited since I had previously lost my older version of FireRed. I started the game with the name I had once before which was "Cassie" since I adored the name. I chose Bulbasaur as my starter and continued on through the game like I normally would.
I didn't know what to expect when I was leveling up my pokemon for the Elite Four.

I found a cave hidden off to the side and not remembering it in anywhere of the version I once had. I even
grabbed my game guide to see if it was on the map and which it wasn't. I soon believed this was a hacked version of Pokemon FireRed I had come across. I was thrilled and I quickly cut down the trees and explored the cave.

The name of the cave was "Lullaby's Cave"and it had the eerie music of Lavender town playing inside instead of the other music I had heard through out the game. It was the Lavender town music of Pokemon red. I was a bit scared but I still ventured deeper into the cave.

Excited as I was, I was still scared as to what I might find. After about two doors I had went through I saw a pokemon but I couldn't move to talk to it and it walked deeper into the cave. The more I ventured, the creepier it became. As the next part of the cave was covered in fog the music seemed to turn a deeper pitch.

I was absolutely shocked by the sight I would see in the next part of the cave.

There was a person laying in front of the pokemon but It seemed to be tied down. The pokemon came closer to me and I couldn't back away. A battle scene then was triggered and It was hypno. Instead of being able to call up any pokemon hypno had used hypnosis on me. After I was asleep the battle scene ended and the pokemon was standing in front of my character. I tried mashing any buttons I could to awake my character but nothing seemed to work.

He started to drag my character over to the girl's and then he tied my character down. He stayed there as the screen faded to black.

"A few hours later..." It had read.

The cave was darker than it was earlier and hypno was holding something. It started to swing which I figured was his pendulum. The place turned red and his eyes seemed to turn red.

Underneath the sprite of hypno it read "Hypno used nightmare."

Then the highest pitched sound came from my speakers and I had to turn down my volume. It seemed that the girl and my character were starting to bleed. As a red line came from their mouths as they shook and after a bit, they stopped and fell as the bodies started to be covered by a pool of blood. Hypno stood there and he seemed to start laughing and the screen faded to black only with his sprite standing where it was.Text started to appear underneath hypno.

It read "Oh little children you were not clever. Now you'll stay with me forever."

The game then faded back ot the opening screen and It only had the option of New game but no continue.

Hypno is a psychic pokemon who seems to have a dark past with him. He was my favorite up until that point. I hope that someday...I will stop waking up to find rope burns on my wrist.


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