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There was once an old mansion 2 blocks away from my apartment that I use to live in back in San Francisco. Nobody had ever lived in that mansion ever since I can remember. It was still around before I was born. I was around 6 or 7 when I heard that it was haunted but was never really interested in spirits or dark entities at that age.

Yet, I was curious to whether it was true or not. Everyday I would walk by that mansion for about a year or so (Of course, I wouldn't just nilly-willy walk by that mansion without a legitimate reason. I'd walk by to go to the store and other places).

Day and night, alone and with company; I hadn't experienced anything strange. I was still skeptic and by that time of age, I had gotten interested in the paranormal. Though I've wondered why it was never demolished as I got older. As days go by, my dreams were becoming irrational. I kept seeing myself and people murdering other people; friends, families, strangers.

There was this one dream that scared me the most. I had a crush on this boy who was a year younger than me and he was in my dream. ..Well.. nightmare.

I dreamt about a fair that was going on in my school. Students, teachers, and parents were there having fun. I thought I would finally have a "normal" dream but no. I was on a rampage. I was looking for my crush. When I had found him, I told him that I needed to talk to him about something.

I brought him to a parking lot that my school had and told him to get in the car that was in front of us. As he entered the car and close the door, I showed him a small remote and pressed it. I smiled and watched him scream and explode inside the car as his blood splatters on the car window. I proceeded to walk away and acted as if nothing had happened.

I saw my friends and a teacher with a radio listening to the spokes person saying "This just in. A boy was literally bombed to death by an unknown killer in an Elementary school."

I looked concerened and said outloud "Well that's just sad..."

I awoke from that dream, panicking. "Why is this happening?" I thought. I realised that it was 1 A.M and decided to go back to sleep, trying to calm myself.

"It was only just a dream.." I said to myself.

I became hot so I kicked my blankets off of me. And by the time I was nearly asleep, I had felt my blanket being pulled to my face. I woke up immediately and sat up on my bed. I then saw something move at the corner of my eye. I looked at the light underneath my closed door and saw shadows walking. There were no sounds of footsteps. Scared, I covered my body and head with my blanket and had hoped that it was just a dream. It wasn't.

When I woke up, I felt calmer. Strange, I thought. When I walked by that mansion, it was being demolished. The picture below this is what it looks like now. Ever since then, my dreams were becoming a lot less strange.

"It's just a rumour... right?"


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