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House Guest

“Good to finally see you again man,” I greeted Landon and shook his hand as he and his new puppy walked through the door.

“Yeah dude, ever since you moved up here it just hasn’t been the same. This is Briggs,” Landon motioned toward the dog. “He’s only like 6 months old. He loves people.”

I pet the dog for a moment, then we headed into the living room to sit down and catch up on things. He told me about his new job and the band he started up. I told him how I recently got fired. He talked about how his wife left him for his neighbor… basically we went back and forth for about an hour filling each other in on what we had missed in the last year. At some point he realized that Briggs wasn’t near us anymore. We figured he was probably just sniffing around the house and checking things out, but Landon said that he did like to chew things up sometimes so he went to find him.

I turned the T.V. on when I realized the news was about to start. My brother was a prison guard and some psychopath prisoner managed to escape last week. I’ve been following the story ever since. Just as the news started, Landon walked back into the room.

“Briggs is fine, your roommate is laying down on your bed with him.”

“What!” I jumped up off of the sofa alarmed.

“He’s just chilling in there with him..” Landon said a bit confused by my reaction. “I introduced myself and told him we’d be out here. What’s wrong?”

My mind flooded with the different possibilities of what could be going on. Maybe my cousin, maybe my neighbor…… “Landon, I don’t have a roommate.”

 Landon’s face turned from confused, to shocked and horrified. He seemed to be staring past me now. “What did he look like?” I asked.

Landon pointed at the T.V. behind me which was now showing the picture of the escaped convict. “Him….”

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