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Hide and Seek

When I was young I lived in a small house in the country. There weren’t many people around so I spent a lot of time alone. Near our house was a graveyard that I played in often.

I remember one day when I was nine years old I was feeling bored and decided it would be really fun to play hide and seek. Of course I had nobody to play with so I picked out a random tombstone and read the name on it.

“Ok Mr. Richard Borg,” I said aloud. “I’ll count to ten and you hide.” I knew it was all make believe but I humored myself and closed my eyes. After counting to ten, I opened them and proceeded to “find” Mr. Richard Borg. I ran up to his tombstone and touched it yelling “found you, now you have to find me!” And I ran off and hid behind a tree.

Thirty years had past since that day and I hadn’t thought about that graveyard in a long time. One night while my wife and two girls were at the grocery store, I was hanging some clothes in my bedroom closet when the door suddenly slammed shut behind me. I thought my wife and daughters had returned and were playing a joke on me.

“Very funny” I said as I opened the door. But there was nobody there. I poked my head out to look around the bedroom when I heard something. It was a low, trembling voice that said “Found you.”

Credits to: JDrift01


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