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She was always talking about them. Brandon’s thick black hair, Aiden’s bronze skin. Josh’s sexy biceps and Will’s tight ass.

I was so fucking sick of hearing about all these perfect guys that I could never be. That look in her shining blue eyes, that lust. The way she didn’t even notice that I was gut-wrenchingly, agonizingly in love with her.

You’re my best friend, Tom she told me often. I smiled and agreed, but I didn’t want to be her friend. I wanted to be wanted.

It took months of hard work, but I finally did it. I walked confidently up the stairs to her bedroom, smiling at my reflection in every mirror and pane of glass that I passed. It was amazing, the way a change in appearance changed my whole attitude.

I turned on her light. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes for a moment before she focused on me and gasped.

I don’t blame her, I thought as I ran my fingers through Brandon’s thick black hair and admired the way Aiden’s smooth bronze skin glowed in the dim light. I really am a whole new man.

Or, you know… the best pieces of several.

Credits to: baconreasons


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