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It was always just the two of them. Big Brother and Little Sister. Their parents, their teachers, might as well have been Mr. and Mrs. Jones. They were two of twenty school children and as each Fall fell, Big Brother and Little Sister proceeded to plot.

Big Brother was 11, so he always knew just a little more. Big Brother was brash and bigoted. Big Brother was a bully.

Little Sister was 8 and she always got her way. Her manipulations were more subtle, sweeter. Little Sister was a sociopath.

Every year, twenty children, from 1st grade to 12th, prepared for their annual survival trip. Armed with one fire starter kit, two hefty garbage bags, one bottle of water, one granola bar and one small pocket knife, twenty were dropped off in the morning hoping, as always, to survive the night.

Big Brother and Little Sister split up; Big Brother and Little Sister always survived.

Big Brother was a tracker, and he tracked down his biggest competition. 10th grade dunce, Samuels was a oaf, who barely made it to shore with the other twenty. But Samuels was too big to be underestimated and he couldn’t be trusted to play along. Big Brother twisted one hefty bag into a long, plastic rope and took Simple Samuels out. Big Brother was winning.

Little Sister, not to be outdone, went for smaller prey: the Donaldson twins. One boy and one girl, like her and Big Brother. These seven year olds were fast but clumsy. Light one on fire, and they both catch the flame.

Big Brother and Little Sister did not work as a team. By noon, they had picked off over half, leaving just seven to split between them. Daniel went fast, the completely normal 9th grader. Little Sister punched one dry granola bar into his completely average esophagus and let Dear Daniel drown in two inches of water.

Big Brother went for more pomp and circumstance dropped a flaming, melting bag onto Friendly Frankie’s face. Little Sister laughed quietly, and then ran away.

That left just the two of them, playing their most dangerous game. Big Brother and Little Sister. Twenty children arrived on the island, but only one remained. Big Brother’s big hands slipped and Little Sister took her time. One little pocket knife became two, and Little Sister slit Big Brother’s throat and danced in his rain.

Credits to: sloppy_firsts


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